Jackson, Miss. Mayor: No Policy From The State Is Like ‘Being On An Island’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. The gutless draft dodger, creepy serial groper, six times bankrupted fake billionaire, felonious tax evader, compulsive liar and self-proclaimed white nationalist Donald John Trump turned Russian collaborator more than 25 years ago, simply because he is a perfectly stable chump in all matters concerning money, finance and investment.

    2. How to prepare and serve an original Trump-Sandwich:
      Take two fat slices of lumpy white bread, add a huge amount of balony copiously slathered in Russian dressing and serve it with a tiny little squishy pickle on the side.
      Ingesting a Trump-Sandwich will cause insane delusions, abysmal ignorance, ridiculously foul language, permanent ED, excruciating butthurt and debilitating gnosiophobia.

    3. Speaking of horrible and disgusting food, what is Donald John Trump’s favorite seafood?

      Donald John Trump’s favorite seafood is of course the Ukrainian national dish Squid pro Quo 🎃 🍴 🦑

    1. Spot on.
      But soon it will be Dishonest Don that’s isolated on an island, namely Rikers Island 👮🏾‍♂️ ⛓ 🎃 ⛓ 👮🏻‍♂️

  1. Okay. Just a little bit thirsty….but Jackson’s Mayor Lumumba is FINE 😩sheeeeesh. Protect your people sir.

  2. Mississippi: Whatever! The Corona is just a problem for liberal big cities.
    Corona: I feel like going on a road trip. I hear the South has good food.
    Mississippi: 😲😬

  3. Before Europeans came to North America, Canadian natives had a message system that reached to the
    end of the Mississippi River. Standing on top of the escarpment below Georgian Bay, a warrior could shout
    and that shout would be relayed along the river, taking four days to go back and forth. Turning to the west,
    a warrior could shout and get a message back from the mouth of the St. Lawrence in four hours.
    Look what high tech is doing to our world.
    Mankind needs to de-industrialize and re-humanize for the refreshing of our good earth.

  4. This is not the full video that I saw and I live in Jackson ms. Don’t even tell the full story of what he said!!!!

  5. That’s really surprising considering how well social distancing was practiced during the riots.

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