Jacksonville Mayor: Shouldn’t Mandate Vaccine As Florida Marks Covid Record

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry (R) discusses the possibility of vaccine and mask requirements amid Florida's surging coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. 

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Jacksonville Mayor: Shouldn't Mandate Vaccine As Florida Marks Covid Record


    1. “I love to share my experience of DIRT-DOGS and SCHMEG HARVEST in the comment section.”

      – The Tweatles/William H

    2. @James Flynn Tweedles is a Russian.
      If he were American like he wants you to think, he wouldn’t have used that term. No one does.
      Whereas in Russia it is practically a crime, hence the term IN CAPS….the equivalent of “traitor”, Russians love going after them.
      Josef Stalin killed 50+ million russians going after “traitors”, including some of Tweedle’s family.

      But like a little Judas, Tweedles now works for the same people.

  1. Education hasn’t work so good in this country so far we got too many people that just don’t know how to use common sense so what good is educating people especially Trump’s cult and his cult Republican Party

    1. @george butler There are plenty of politicians, with first class educations, that pretend to be just plain folks. Look at Johnson and his put on accent. They aren’t stupid, they just pretend to be stupid, to seem a man of the people.

    2. @george butler “why do they even attend school shameful”
      He’s a racist, he knows Baltimore schools are non-white mostly.

    3. The Education system be it public or private does not teach “common sense” and never has. Human beings begin to learn common sense once they start crawling and learning. We learn early in life that fire is hot and can hurt you so common sense should tell you do not trifle with it. Gravity is real. If you saw an object falling directly towards you, common sense would direct you to move out of the way of harm. Common sense wouldn’t lead you to believe that the projectile is not going to hit you simply because you’re a good person at heart. Common sense should also teach you that if a public figure repeats a claim without proof or evidence, a claim that has been proven false on multiple levels, common sense should tell you that person is a liar and is not to be believed or trusted until such time they can provide irrefutable proof to back up their claim.

  2. He has a point – Florida politicians approval rations seem to go up as their citizen death toll rises….can’t argue with democracy and metrics – they elected him – it’s up to individuals to grow up and decide how much safety they want to practice.

  3. He’s a full time embarrassment! No sort of stance, no sort of leadership, no sense of urgency. Lazy, getting a check and increase in retirement. None of these leaders in Florida say enough

  4. So far, the most effective message was Kay Ivey saying , It’s time to start blaming the Unvaccinated.”
    However, until 85% are vaccinated we should wear mask – OVER OUR NOSES, please.

    1. You know you can still contract the virus while you are vaccinated right ??? Or that part went over your head ?

  5. School systems and Mayors that want to follow health guidelines to save lives aren’t allowed to in Florida or Texas. Dumb!

    1. I rather doubt any of these anti-mask Karens would be too happy were they to have an operation at which everyone in the operating theatre was unmasked and ungloved.

  6. Here’s an idea, make it mandatory if you want to vote you must show proof of vaccinations. Two can Play Trump’s game.😊

    1. Great idea!!! LOL No proof necessary just cross reference the covid database of vaccinated with the voter registrations database.

  7. If Republicans don’t think Covid is such a big deal, then how come they whine about migrants spreading it and their hospitals are expanding ICUs like a Starbuck’s franchise? 🤔

    1. I don’t think it’s a big deal. There have been a whole 6 cases in my county in a month. County, not city. Stop living on top of each other in tiny little boxes and rubbing all up over each other in crowded transportation. Problem solved.

    2. If Covid is a big deal, why IS Biden sending illegal immigrants to cities all over the country without even a Covid test, let alone a vaccine?

    3. @DJ Jones Immigrant adults are being sent back. It’s their children that are being medically treated and offered a vaccination. I think it’s fair to grant children some special treatments as they aren’t to blame for their parents’ decisions

    4. @DJ Jones “Stop living on top of each other in tiny little boxes and rubbing all up over each other in crowded transportation. Problem solved.”

      That’s about the most stupid “solution” I’ve read since trump advised Clorox.

    1. And then proclaim their incompetence to govern is actually a political platform to preserve the freedoms of Floridians.

  8. Businesses can have their own mask rules in Florida? That’s BS. DeSantis has cuts the legs out from every mask rule in the state. Good luck trying to enforce a mask rule there.

  9. Let’s see what all can’t we do. We do have to wear seat belts, have no smoking public places, update driver licenses with 30 days of changing an address, get a blood test to get married, observe speed limits, attend school to a certain age, be a certain age for driver licenses.. and on and on. But self protection using a mask and or vaccine and mask is asking way too much!?!

    1. You forgot “No shoes, no shirt, no service” and wearing clothes when you leave your home, among other things…but no masking!

  10. DeathSantis WHATS your SOLUTION??? HE needs to have a backup plan if he does NOT like the Masking vaccinating etc etc!!

  11. The GOP should be thrown out for ” Dereliction of Duty ” for there disinformation on both the Pandemic and there planning and participation in the Jan 6 attempted overthrow of the government.

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