Jacob Soboroff On Biden Administration Reuniting Migrant Families | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

Jacob Soboroff On Biden Administration Reuniting Migrant Families | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


NBC’s Jacob Soboroff discusses the Biden administration’s plan to reunite four migrant families with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin.

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Jacob Soboroff On Biden Administration Reuniting Migrant Families | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. OG one month account with thousands of comments on MSNBC’s platform alone.
      Just another old fart entertaining himself while playing with himself.

  1. President Biden is doing what exactly what he promised it takes a democrat 46 president to do it. I wonder if Fox News is reporting this to their fellow cult followers.

    1. @B. T. Of coarse you immediately equate opposition to the “other”.

      Way to be a good little media mouthpiece…

    2. @Steph Timms Human traffickers? Like Ghislaine Maxwell? Trump: “I wish her well!”
      [Innocent until proven guilty. There´s no shrine, that´s mine]
      Or were you thinking about human traffickers the type of Joel Greenberg and Matt Gaetz?
      [Innocent until proven guilty. None I call mine – how large is your shrine?]

    3. @stef unruh Like America doesn’t know about all the children being trafficked continually due to the border crises? Come on, man!

    4. @Steph Timms Yeah, children and adults have been trafficked. For years and decades. It always happens, when there´s a wealth gap among countries. Prosperous countries attrackt the poor and huddled masses. People, who are struggling elsewhere in poverty, lacking any opportunity and hope: They will migrate, they will go look for a better life.

      If they are not welcomed with open arms through wide open borders: They probably need help. That creates human traffickers. And some will be good people, who take good care of the people under their guide and want to ensure save passage. To some children, human traffickers might be a life saver: Ensuring the kid will reach safely the good land, where it can grow up in peace, flourish, shine.

      Other human traffickers can be the worst of the worst, and don´t we all know the worst outcomes and fates, that can happen to innocent kids in their hands.

      So we know, and now what? Come on, (wo)man! Finding there are problems in this world is not all that difficult. And it doesn´t quite help to make anything better. Finding the solutions, that´s the tricky part. So – anything of value that you can contribute? Any realistic ideas and suggestions?

  2. Nothing to see here other than a Democrat president once again cleaning up the dumpster fire of a mess left by the previous republican president.

  3. Bidens Presidency is the equivelancy of allowing someone to BREAK into your house, GAG you, INVITE 20,000 strangers over, ROB you of all your money, and then proceed to conduct their personal business right in front of you. All the while, YOU LOVE EVERY MINUTE of it…. because mainstream media keeps you so FOCUSED on HATING everyone who sees through the largest HEIST that has ever taken place in world history

    1. This comment almost gave me a heart attack with laughter I felt something on my chest

    2. @Marifer Avery I have paid into social security for 25 years, so it comes from people who work, like me. And DONT you see the connection between all the nursing hine people killed by Cuomo along with governors of several other states, and the connection to saving Social Security money? Thats one reason why Covid is called the PLANDEMIC

  4. Why all the criticism of Biden and his “failures”. Come on Jacob…he inherited an incredible mess. Wish you had been more aggressive on Trump

  5. where were they to begin with? Something sounds odd about all of this. It’s a truly amazing ‘story’ though

    1. man, its almost like theres publicly reported information dating back to over 3 years ago that explains this entire story…. to bad youre incapable of fact checking.

  6. No mention of msnbc retraction on the Rudy story they lied about and are getting sued for?

  7. Let this in biden.
    The more come in the more votes there will be for democrats. Win win for Dems

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