Jade Carey wins gold, USWNT knocked out; Simone Biles is back for balance beam Tuesday | USA TODAY 1

Jade Carey wins gold, USWNT knocked out; Simone Biles is back for balance beam Tuesday | USA TODAY

The U.S women's soccer team fails to become back-to-back World Cup and Olympic gold medal champions. Simone Biles announced she would compete in Tuesday's balance beam final.

Correction: A previous version of this video misidentified the medal Jade Carey won in the floor final.

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  1. Winners never Quit and Quitter never WIN. Simone will go down in history as the Goat that Quit. We really need to start vetting who we are sending to the Olympics. We sent Losers, Quitters and Tweakers. What a disgrace

    1. We sent who qualified LOL it’s a competition so maybe some more people who aren’t quitters and whiners and all that stuff should have qualified and they’d be there but they didn’t LOL

      Better off if we just forget it because it’s stupid anyways it’s a waste of money we could be feeding starving people across the world with all the money dumped into this ridiculousness that doesn’t even make back the same amount of money that was put out this is a loss it is always a loss the Olympic games is a loss LOL

      I love how this whole world wants to go into the future and leave the past behind but they want to drag this stupid money wasting sports games into our future this is silliness

      They should have a brain Olympics that might be a little bit better maybe we can educate people on this Earth of a real things instead of throwing a stick or throwing a ball or running faster than the other guy who cares we have cars we don’t need to run

      Olympics is the stupidest crap I’ve ever seen it’s just a bunch of rich people making money off of all the stupids out there

    2. Biles didn’t quit. She withdrew from some of the events. She made adjustments and not only competed, but won an individual medal. She is the most decorated gymnast in US history. How many medals do you have for athletic achievement?

  2. There is so much going on in this years Olympics…
    I think its very overwhelming for everyone, so it’s understandable.

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  4. The USWNT has become a footnote. They no longer represent The United States, or her Citizen’s. They represent themselves, and their own interests, only. I used to love watching them play, but, like pro football, pro basketball, and pro baseball, they no longer represent me, or even care to try to appeal to me. They all have their agendas, and it is fraught with bad behavior. I have no interest is watching them perform, or in providing them financial or psychological support.

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