Jagmeet Singh blasts Air Canada for giving executives a bonus while negotiating bailout 1

Jagmeet Singh blasts Air Canada for giving executives a bonus while negotiating bailout


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh blasted Air Canada for paying out bonuses to top executives and wants the money to be 'clawed back.'

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    1. @Vid 12 – compete? Not with this guy as their leader. They should of went with Angus if the NDP was actually serious.

    2. Of course. The NDP is too weak financially to run an election campaign and this Singh has no guts period. I hope he loses to LLTT in his Burnaby South riding come next election.

  1. Reminds me when GM CEO’S flue to Washington for bail out money in there corporate jets

  2. Sounds like General Motors not that long ago. I wonder why we didn’t learn from that?

  3. Your daily reminder that Singh recently called anyone daring to challenge the various COVID protocols “extreme right” and doesn’t care about anyone else.

    This guy is an embarrassment to the NDP. (Which, honestly, is something of an achievement.)

    1. Can your pea brain stick to the topic or is that too much for you.

      And you’re talking about embarrassments. lol

  4. The host sounds like he takes offense at criticism of executive bonuses! Lol. Governments, no matter which party sadly, are forever the puppets of corporations and the rich.

  5. This makes me sick. I lost my house after my job was shut down, ei pays 300 dollars a week after I repaid 30% of it. Now I can’t even get a business going as the pukes won’t process my contractors license for six months.
    I’m at my witts end!

  6. @2:58

    Of course it flies with Canada Public. Why wouldn’t it? It was so logical. If a company wants a bailout from Canadian Tax payers, then it means the company is suffering.

    You can’t claim that you are suffering and ask for money to keep your business afloat, and then give yourself a big raise. That is like if a person asks for money for food and shelter, then buys himself a private jet plane.

    This interviewer is super biased & unfair. He is supporting the big business at the expense of Canadians & tax payers. Bad. Very bad.

  7. Air Canada should have been closed many decades ago. Why are they still in business? There are better airliner and service providers available.

  8. Another example of politicians picking subjects that won’t cause any political damage to themselves or their party.
    Air Canada is headquartered in Quebec enough said!

  9. These CEOs don’t care because they know there are usually no consequences to their actions. They also have expensive lawyers at their disposal to ensure what they do is technically above board. They’re basically untouchable…except by sniper from a 1000 yards.

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