Jagmeet Singh: Lawyer to political trailblazer

Jagmeet Singh: Lawyer to political trailblazer 1


Jagmeet Singh lived in both Ont. And N.L. as a child, and was a lawyer before he became the first visible minority chosen to lead a federal party.

#elxn43 #cdnpoli

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11 Comments on "Jagmeet Singh: Lawyer to political trailblazer"

  1. A vote for him is aPC vote! NO!

  2. you can vote for any party you like in Canada it is your choice,

  3. What a fake canadian, bought and paid for by our tax dollars….. explicitly to work against our country

  4. Nope..

  5. I liked

  6. Bad economic policies, never gonna vote for this party

  7. His polls are the worst they’ve been all year

  8. Jagmeet sucks

  9. Unfortunately he has become a politician of divisive ideas.

    • Yeah, cuz ideas like universal health care (Medicare, pharmacare, mental, dental, etc), more university grants, etc. are sooooo divisive…

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