Jagmeet Singh vows that Canadians 'can count on New Democrats' 1

Jagmeet Singh vows that Canadians ‘can count on New Democrats’


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says his party will fight for all Canadians in the next Parliament.

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  1. “We’ll fight, and fight hard… And we’ll make sure we never touch an ounce of power! As fighters, we stand to forever stay in the opposition!”

    1. its not really up to them, NDP platform will never be popular enough to come close to PM. I dont mind them, but i cant imagine ever voting for NDP over Liberal

  2. I voted so I dont want to regret it singh please do even better not just chastising in Parliment do actions as if they were your own children. Do actions as if you could not afford a 300000 residential home or food.

    1. Maybe he should start focusing on canadian politics instead of being concerned all the time about each and every bill passed in India’s parliament. They will do fine without him.

    1. NEWS

      NDP pharmacare bill defeated soundly in Commons

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the motion, which failed in a 295-32 vote, a “political stunt.”

       7 months ago 
       February 25, 2021

       Dave Naylor

  3. Here we go again it’s the spend duo, nothing changed and as Trudeau himself said another election within eighteen months. So until then……

    1. Make tik toks and pretending to be outraged while also supporting what I’m supposedly outraged about all while not making any political gains? I mean there’s definitely harder jobs out there

  4. Wat a political mess we have in Canada now!
    Reality is that the NDP is going nowhere with this guy as there leader. Just vote splitting gave them a few more seats.

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