1. well he pulled a trudeau with being SAD with big teers mabby he,ll apologize for somthen that happend 500 years ago too like trudipshit

  1. Jagmeet had the perfect chance to call out Quebec during the election (over it’s racist anti-religious symbols in government work places)
    but he didn’t because he was MORE concerned about losing a few seats in Quebec. He must now STFU forever on racism.

  2. Lol his big moment is yelling reeeeesist. What a freaking surprise!
    No argument or details, just childish slander. The only positive, is that Parliament didn’t tolerate such a thing.

  3. I some times wonder who is racist, and who is not, it seems the ones who talk the most about racism, seem racist to me, and have no answers to the problems, they just hide behind the word racism, its the word of the day, it eliminates all debate, or accountability, based on skin tone, where the group matters, not the person, that to me is racism,

      Ever hear that saying? We heard it all the time as kids and we believed it.
      Too many ribbins and trophies for nothing. Or lack of parental attention? How about schools?
      Why does it still exist?…….
      Go back to the first sentence. That’s why it exists

    2. @Reese so what is your solution, because Canada is the greatest nation of freedom, and its under attack.

    1. why are the worst, most mindless comments always from women? i don’t get how indoctrinated some women are…wtf?

    2. @Covid-19 Comes from a Wuhan BSL4 Lab and so you prove yourself to be a sexist. Go home and reflect on your prejudice.

  4. If you’re going to call someone a racist you better be certain of your words. You just weakened it’s power. Congrats.

  5. Never elect lawyers for PM! They are corrupt, Pushing Political Correctness is anti democratic! Political Correctness and Democracy are opposite and cannot go hand in hand! Either you have democracy or you have Political Correctness which is light communism!

  6. After jagmeet singh became the NDP leader NDP lost 15 of its 16 seats in Quebec during the last federal election mostly to PQ. Every body knows that quebecers stopped to vote NDP because Mr singh is a sikh. If there is no racism in Quebec why the religion of a party leader is a problem?

    1. So Jack Layton made the NDP the most powerful party in Québec. Mulcair killed that momentum! Singh did nothing to bring it back in Québec. The NDP was on it’s way out of Québec, don’t tell me it wasn’t.

      Québec is trying to make religious freedom in a visible manner illegal. They are, those feelings have been there for a long time.

  7. In this moment we should not get emotional and make irrational decisions….that would be a great counter argument. I’m for what the NDP leader is trying to do. His approach however is not as diplomatic for someone who is politics

  8. Why should he? I applaud him for calling them out. This is what taking action towards racism looks like.

  9. How many times did he say “Systemic” I’ve lost count.? Look up the word and find out what it means before throwing it around. When you say racism is SYSTEMIC in Canada that means ALL Canadians are racist. If racism is SYSTEMIC in the RCMP it means ever rcmp officer is racist. As a canadian I’m offended! I feel Canadians are better than that. Find another word more fitting! While we are at it how about no English signs in Quebec? racist?

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