Jagmeet Singh’s emotional message to families who lost loved ones at residential schools

"I'm sorry. We’re going to fight for justice for you."
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh became very emotional when asked what his message is to the families who lost loved ones at residential schools.

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  1. New words would have to be created in order to respond to what happened to these, and many other, indigenous children at the hands of the church.

    1. Also our Aboriginal peoples r still living in 3rd world conditions. The Chiefs r as corrupt as this pos Turdeau

  2. It’s a really hard topic to speak about. I feel the indigenous have suffered for way to long! There is nothing this culture hasn’t lost! they get what they are given and grieve so long and hard still no one cares! It’s nice to see the heart of another human being hurt for them! 🌹

    1. It would be nice if you waited before jumping to conclusions. Tuberculosis and other diseases must be considered.

    2. They don’t pay provincial taxes and get free university. Many tribes get other perks we don’t get.

  3. He learned from the best. Bring on those tears. Election coming, needs to keep his seat.

  4. He had to complete against Dough. He had to do this! Omg! Now I am waiting for Trudeau to cry next.

  5. No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of The Vatican’s ( JESUIT) part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which The Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role.”

    ~Edmond Paris, the Vatican against Europe (Springfield, Missouri: Ozark Book Publisher, 1993), p. 308

    1. What are you trying to say?
      Vatican did great job by giving education to this children’s..
      There was Spanish flu in that time

  6. Its nice we can all observe the horror show that was history; and see how far we have come and how much further we have to go.

    Lets fix that clean drinking water issue please?

    Equality accross the nation ☆

  7. Jag said enough. Although my ancestors aren’t originally from Canada, I’m still sorry for those kids. This was disgusting .

  8. Political theater. This is the guy that won’t denounce the group behind the Air India bombing.

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