Jaguar Land Rover to go all-electric by 2023 1

Jaguar Land Rover to go all-electric by 2023


Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore says that the move to go all-electic by 2030 is a will not impact jobs because it is a "transition of activity, not a reduction of activity."
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    1. @Captain Win The potential shift this will have on geopolitical relationships is quite astonishing to think about.

  1. Description of the video says by 2023, however the tweet from Boris Johnson says 2025, and the CEO of the company in the interview says by 2026, the actual headline on the news station says by 2030. Get your facts straight!

    1. @Wade Wilson lol like I said 90% of these comments were with one person who was acting like an idiot so that’s the only reason why I have this many comments

    2. @Wade Wilson I ain’t creating another account either you weirdo and the only one getting exposed here is you let’s not forget the fact that you’re only pretending to hate cnn it’s obvious that you’re really a fan otherwise you wouldn’t be here so often

    3. @Wade Wilson try harder next time because right now you’re acting like an idiot, if you don’t like something don’t keep coming there

    4. @Anthony Davis Idiot? Says the paid CNN shill who was called out in public and is now trying and failing to tell another man what to do. Life is not always rainbows and sherbet ice cream princess twinkle toes. I am an Adult. More importantly a man. I am not afraid to speak out against things I disagree with. You should understand this as you yourself use the comment section to complain to “idiots” by your own admission. Most of all I am not afraid to tell you are powerless over me. So stop pretending you can dictate whether or not I watch the News.

    5. @Anthony Davis Now I am pretending? I don’t even own a TV. I use my phone and click on whatever peaks my interest. Same as everyone else princess twinkle toes. Get a grip on reality

    1. @Al mac I don’t think Tesla’s are that bad besides the door handles but idk I’ve never owned one. I talked a telsa mechanic and he said the number 1 thing he worked on were door handles (this was a couple years ago)

    2. @Joe Smith door handles and poor paint and poorly aligned panels. One guy lost his bumper driving along the freeway as it just dropped off and another guy lost his glass roof as it just detached. I don’t think American car companies are as obsessed about quality control as the Germans or Asians. Elon Musk said recently that people should be wary of buying a Tesla during a ramp up in production because quality isn’t that good. You would never hear something like that from Porsche or Toyota.

    3. @Al mac you do realize they was an a trifle that came out literally today saying German cars were literally the worst made cars in the world (based on reliability) idk who did the poll but there’s a Scotty Kilmer video about it that came out today honestly some American cars do suck but just are ehh okay and when they do break they a lot cheaper to fix than German cars

    4. @Joe Smith I am going by JD Powers and Consumer Reports which are respected by the industry and they have Tesla and Land Rover as last. German cars are expensive if something goes wrong outside of warranty but they are better quality than Tesla and Land Rover. Consumer Reports found human hair in the Tesla paint work and the Tesla model Y hatch didn’t even close properly in many instances. The model 3 was the only model to even get an average rating.

    5. @Al mac pls drive Tesla for a day and I bet you won’t give it back,and stop comparing a 100years old company with a 20years old.Tesla cars made in China came out perfect,so it now obvious to Tesla that buying an old factory is not good,that’s why they are buying,Fremont is giving them issues they can’t fix moving at 80mph.once the Texas factory is done,they will hold Fremont for repairs.

  2. Only Americans think that a company has job losses when completely altering their production methods. It is a job creator.

    1. @kelperdude Evidence that we saw with our own eyes with the videos that they presented, but the republicans didn’t have the guts to do justice and do the right thing. According to the law of cause and effect Trump being the cause is ‘guilty’ 10000 percent.

    2. @kelperdude do tell. Is this like the “evidence” that Trump says there is about election fraud, that has been shown to be non existent?

  3. I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you want financial freedom

    1. @goretti paeshonestly. I tell this to my friends everyday. it’s good to save money but you gotta have that investing spirit if you really want financial freedom.

  4. The Title says 2023. The headline in video says 2030 and their tweet says 2025 and net zero by 2039 got to love modern reporting

    1. Car manufacturer already compartmentalize production and manufacturing on every continent they operate on… Theres nothing to “outsource”….

  5. I remember in 2009I wanted to buy my dream car which was a jaguar . I spent about 32,000 on the car it broke down 15 times within 1 month Jaguar of Troy Michigan. F/J

    1. We don’t care about the pipeline? We care about the cost of fuel to ship oil on trains and the damage it causes the environment from pollution. It’s democrats that want to waste money and destroy the environment, they just don’t know it because they are blinded by their anger.

    1. Isolated lithium mining impacts are far less concerning than the global impact of gasoline engines with climate change.

    2. Remember when the deadly automobile displaced the safe and reliable horse and carriage? Fatal accidents have skyrocketed since we started using automobiles.
      Yep, you are correct in your fear mongering about lithium; all advancements are bad. Imagine how much better the world would be if we hadn’t switched to indoor plumbing, from telegraph to telephone to cellular, from radio to television to internet, and the list goes on.
      Oil and coal and gas and wood are all much better than solar, hydroelectric, and wind power to supply the electricity for cars.
      I am with you man! STOP ALL PROGRESS!!

  6. Technology will change, Gold will go up, all for the better. Looking forward to it…

    God Bless to all …

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