Jahshi | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview - Dec 10 2021 1

Jahshi | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview – Dec 10 2021


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  1. Facts him a speak about some of them elder artiste they don’t even know when giving younger talents a exposure can benefit both party.. but some of them scared of the younger youths talent an want all for dem self

  2. Too much harsh comments about the young man interview, the artist is talking truth that we as a nation sometimes overlooked. If you have a daily conversation with half of these youths you would realise this is how they viewed the country from within. Most people in the communities think this way also but are more reserved to speak on the present situation. Upon hearing the young man answered we must not bash him but try to work in changing the mindset by providing more avenues for jobs and educational programmes. And before we attack his home upbringing please remember his actions doesn’t correspond with parents responsibility, but a new generation whom have distance themselves from the older folks. The principles we adapted and the mannerism came from a community of teachers. What we must not do is turn a blind eye or deaf ears to our youths.

  3. I’ve watched this interview over and over and guess what; this is one of the REALIST and outspoken, straightforward young artist I’ve heard, it almost look like a movie especially when he asked Anthony if he has a licence gun, security, millions…
    He’s definitely a young leader, he replied to questions so thoughtfully, people will have other views about him but I clearly understand him, he’s a promising youth only need to be guided in the right direction. This was a scarey one for you Anthony 😂😂

  4. I love his honesty. Many elders are only criticizing the younger artistes instead of giving them strength and guidance. It will be hard to guide them if you are not willing to give them a strength.

  5. One of the plainest interview straightforward no holding back no pretending Straigh truth and Fact 😂🤣😂 me ago murdered them 😂😂🤣😂

  6. Thanks for sharing. This young man is just speaking his truth, raw and unadulterated. That’s all. This generation is so use to being superficial and politically correct, that authenticity makes us uncomfortable.

  7. Who noticed the change in his action and emotions in his voice when talking about his mom? Can see that you love your mother differently and that’s a good look. Gwaan take care of mummy Josh and continue to make her proud.

  8. Mi like him and I like how straightforward he is. If you’re not from the ghetto you won’t know the struggle. He’s happy he finally made it. Hard work and sweat mek him reach where he is today very loyal youth and 💯 he’s real. Just a talk as how he see things. Glad to see one more ghetto youth made it out the ghetto. A celebration 🎉 time. Big up yuh self young artist.

  9. This the realest interview I have ever watch. Don’t know but tears come to my eyes when he talked about his mother. I totally agree what he said about the police. Who feels it knows it

  10. The only problem with this interview is the truth has been spoken who feels it knows it he’s not faking anything we need to be okay with truth as human

  11. A good interview, he is honest and shows you how the culture is now in Jamaica and it does not look good, youths growing without guidance and discipline, no fathers etc, if the government does not decide to put an end to corruption this is what we get

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