Jaime Harrison: Texas' Bill Is Probably The Worst We're Seeing 1

Jaime Harrison: Texas’ Bill Is Probably The Worst We’re Seeing


DNC Chair Jaime Harrison weighs in on Texas' voting bill, temporarily halted by Democrats, which would ban drive-thru voting, limit voting hours, make it more difficult to cast mail ballots and empower partisan poll watchers.

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  1. True Republicans need to lend their votes to Democrats for 2022 and 2024 to save American Democracy and Progressives need to move to the middle until Democracy is secure, then political arguments can be debated again safely.

    1. @Wisconsin Man you call videos you see on Facebook “research “
      Dear god help us.

    2. @TheJimprez Poppycock times 10. Both groups can attract extremists, but I question if the LEFT has any moderates?

    3. @Jeremy Backup But voter id is an issue, just like massive mail in, just like the LEFT has no ethics, no joking here.

    4. @Christopher Hughes A typical SEAL like the Fakestream, just add something to a comment that was never said.

    1. Abbott, Cruz, Cornyn, and the rest of the corrupt Republicons are pantywaists – they know that they will be displaced if there are no constraints on voting, so they erect every hurdle they can.

    1. @Wisconsin Man bull give the cases. Where has this happened? I’m guessing it’s all in your head.

    2. @Christopher Hughes Listen SEAL. Maybe when you hear someone make a claim, research it. Thats what I do. Are you one of those Stay at home and make more money people? I.E. LAZY?

    3. Yep. History is definitely repeating, we’ve been down this road before! The more things change the more they stay the same! Voter suppression at it’s finest

    4. @vinessa wess The Dems go to, call RACISM for NON racist things while everything they do are all Racist and hurts the darker shade.



    1. Please not with violence. Do not stoop to the opposition craps. Orgina,e, help do not be lazy..vote,help others vote safely…maintain your integrity..

    2. More accurately, we’re a democratic republic. When the dark money financiers behind these new restrictive voter’s rights laws successfully transfer the power to overrule elections to their strategically placed judges, we will effectively be an oligarchy.

    3. Having voter ID is NOT suppression !! It ensures that who votes is legally entitled to vote!!! Everyone has ID so where is this hard? Your all talking rubbish. Being a democracy doesn’t mean illegal people are entitled to vote. Look up the definition of democracy , you are all talking BS. You should welcome this bill , it ensures fair legal elections

  3. repubs succeed at cancelling our right to vote, then find out that THEY CAN’T VOTE. geniuses.

    1. They dont need votes..they just play with the system..like they did in florida texas ohio n.carolina

  4. NYT
    Saying Trump gonna be restated by the End of August?
    No Way! Just like there’s no such thing as Voter Fraud!
    It will never happen!


    1. @Heritage Karma We all have ID zombie! What’s that got to do with 8 hour lines and repuke goons?!

    2. @Heritage Karma You mean the ID’s everyone already uses for all elections? Or the extra levels of ID that they’re pushing on top of that which will cost hundreds of dollars in order to prevent poor families from being able to vote?

    1. Those who support crt, gender psyphoria, marxism and fascism are not American countrymen..they are the leftist liberal scum we were warned about by the founders.

    2. @Heritage Karma You don’t know what CRT even means. Psyphoria isn’t a word. And the left are in no way Marxist, though many on the right are. And the right wing check all the boxes of a fascist organization. So that means the Republicans are literally the enemies of America.

  5. If America doesn’t defend itself against this assault it will be severely punished, and the country might not survive the consequences.

  6. The GOPs desperation is weighing heavily on our country. I’m afraid our democracy will be negatively altered by desperation, greed and the craven criminality of the Republican party.

  7. The acceptable enemy summatively unpack because comic unsurprisingly cry onto a outrageous alley. ragged, internal advice

  8. WHY is any American standing in line for over twenty minuets to cast a vote… EVER!? Start making the machines, and start training the counters/pole workers now!! If that is what it takes then get to it.

  9. LOVE the Texas- Dems– I HOPE our Dems will figure it out on the National level– we need to PASS the Federal Voting rights Laws!!!!

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