Jake Sherman Isn’t Sure If There’s A Constituency For Liz Cheney’s ‘Kind Of Politics’ 1

Jake Sherman Isn’t Sure If There’s A Constituency For Liz Cheney’s ‘Kind Of Politics’


Founder of Punchbowl News Jake Sherman discusses his recent interview with House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, and how she is one of the few in her party critical of former President Trump.
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  1. They say D’s are canceling them yet they censure their own if they disagree with Trump’s corrupt and divisive brand of politics.

    1. a trick : you can watch series at flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.

  2. I don’t know because I don’t know any Montanans. I do know they appear very appreciative of her. Irregardless of how the fascists attack her, she may well be very responsive to her constituency. That, in the end, is what gets votes, as we saw in GA.

  3. And WHY are not the FBI not going after them republican in congress that help the attack??????????

  4. Get “The Drumpfinator”… the GOOGLE Chrome Extension that sheds the snakeskin of “TheRealDonaldTrump

    1. Charlie Sykes, a long time conservative pundit, says she has more balls than any of the so called men.

  5. Yes, honesty is a difficult constituency to gather from a group of republicans. Bless you Liz, you did the right thing.

  6. GOP reps who VOTED AGAINST awarding a Congressional Gold Medal to Capital police:

    Andy Biggs (AZ), Thomas Massie (KY)
    Louie Gohmert (TX), Michael Cloud (TX)
    Andy Harris (MD), Lance Gooden (TX)
    Andrew Clyde (GA), Greg Steube (FL)
    Matt Gaetz (FL), Bob Good (VA)
    Taylor Green (GA), John Rose (TN)

  7. The one thing that we must not lose sight of is that trump instigated and perpetrated the assault on the capitol, no question. All manner of diversionary tactics by the GOP to obliterate trump’s central role in violating the security of the capital cannot be allowed to mitigate the heinousness of trump’s deliberate actions.

  8. GQP rebuttal to Biden is: Socialist, radical, masks, elbow bump, didn’t praise Trump, boring….A whine & cheese party

  9. Christian nationalism has ALOT of overlap with white supremacy bc they see dominion as their purpose…so keep that in mind too. — I say that bc they too have a lot to do with how our politicians became influenced by Christian group (starting in the 70’s) & it impacts how legislation comes about, etc….and it lends to extremists if u look into just how much they tout America as a Christian nation even tho the founding father made it explicitly clear the separation of church & state, but back in the 70’s that narrative began to shift & so we are now seeing politicians bow down to evangelicals….hence all the abortion bills, etc.
    There is soooo much more I could include & cite studies that show this but I do not have the time & patience…let alone I’m sure many wouldn’t necessarily read it but I wish the media would do some kind of thing that would show the connections & help the overall discussion of extremists

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