1. OMG!!! It’s worse than WATERGATE!!! It’s worse than 9/11!!! It’s worse than PEARL HARBOR!!! This is all you Dems have? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Hey, ask Hillary if SHE’S accepted the election results? LOL

    1. @Lemon actually I’m a communist. I find it hilarious when any person who exploits the people in any capacity gets hurt.

    2. He apparently dropped the gun that shot him. BUTTERFINGER. Just the guy you want planning a coup.

    3. @Diogenes The Apathetic Wow… 🙄 Well, I guess you can’t make someone a decent human being, but thanks just the same for being honest.

  1. swarmed by a violent mob…not unlike the movie WORLD WAR Z scene where zombies overwhelmed the walls of Jerusalum…
    I never thought I would EVER see anything that horrible…in AMERICA.

  2. Since Trump as president repeatedly told people that he would pay their legal fees if they got into trouble because of him ( and because they believed his lies about the election), I think they should get a civil class action suit against Trump. He deserves to pay them back.

    1. @Julie Miller Yes the American people do know how to pick them. What turned me of the Democrats is something you don’t see any other democratic countries people do. Everytime they don’t have the power or they are unhappy they burn the American flag and take the knee. Even now in Iran where people are being killed while demonstrating against their religious dictatorship they don’t burn their national flag, they claim their flag and unite under their flag, they protest with their flag in their hands. Any veteran that support people that burn the national flag or take the knee for the national anthem totally lost my respect. I can never vote for a party that is bailing people out of jail that burn the national flag and take the knee for the national anthem.

    2. @Julie Miller

      While I totally agree, what about the 3 years after 2016? Both complain about vooooootes. Not one is better than the other hommie. Wake your azz up homeboy and remember, AMERICA IS A REPUBLIC!!

    3. Lol I don’t think that is true .. I would love to see your proff of him saying that .. .. I think your confusing trump with democratic politicians when they offered to bail out blm rioters
      .. but please continue to spread your lies…

  3. Yes there what they are but Trump gave them an order Proud Boys stand by. I as an American will never forget when Trump said this on National Television.

    1. That was never said but you’ll believe anything cnn will tell you. How’d Russia gate work out? You just gonna ignore the basis of it was founded off of Hillary Clinton manufacturing lies? Brace yourself for some reality checks coming soon

    1. I disagree.
      Alex Jones hurt some parents “feelings” and will pay what, a TRILLION dollars.
      CNN told us DOZENS of lies from WMD, to parroting every fun filled slaughterhose war in any country ever.
      In which MILLIONS have died.

      How much has CNN paid those killed?
      I mean people DIED from watching CNN, FOX, MSNBC.

      I see a GREAT difference here…..

  4. I just love how the trolls miss the point entirely, and make kindergarden taunts at the journalist reporting the story.
    Real high IQ stuff, right there. Take your boots off to count to 11.

    1. Kindergarten IQ right here thinking CNN has “journalists” tell me about the Russia impeachment trials and the basis of them.. I’ll tell you about hunters lap top in return

    2. Well, once they start, 1, 2, 3… it’s all going well, but then they get to 4, 5… and their sycophantic love for Mangomer Pyle of Sh!T short circuits their widdle brain nubs.

    3. Midterms are here and a lot of folks are broke and upset. So get used too it… It will calm down after Nov. 8th, hopefully…

  5. When it comes to what Trump would do if he is elected again all we have to do is listen to Steve Bannon. As Bannon said, Trump would get rid of voting and become king.

    1. If he gets to run again, and he wins and gets the economy back, we should make him king. It would be better than what the democrats want, (Socialism).

  6. Some tyranny huh? They get a fair trial, and even if they lose they get to appeal and are treated fairly throughout. And even if they go to jail, they’re treated humanely.

    In a real tyranny these “people” would have disappeared long ago.

    1. You’re focused on the people when the case law their cases establish allows for the prosecution(partisan DOJ) of all dissenting opinions. Case law that is contrary to tenets of the 1st amendment.

    2. There’s a far stretch between “trespass,” “assault,” or “conspiracy to overthrow the government” and “dissenting opinion”

  7. This is a great first step. But, they need to hold those who facilitated and orchestrated the coup accountable also. I’m so tired of those at the top walking away scot free!

    1. Yeah. They were there to offer their services if called upon. Who were they waiting to get the green light from?

    2. I agree. I thought treason against the United States of America called for the death penalty. He knew the rules. He was asking for death for his political opponents. And his own VP.

  8. And if you call Fondle Trump for financial support with your defense.
    Remember to “STAND BACK AND STAND BY”

  9. A key unknown gap about Mike Flynn (‘the 5th’) regards his link to his brother a senior level military official in the Pentagon [Lt. Gen Charles Flynn, former Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans and Training] and how it relates to the delay in providing military support on J6 to the overwhelmed Capitol police.

  10. “My only regret is that we didn’t bring rifles.” — Stuart Rhodes, Jan6th, 2021.
    I hope you like prison, Elmer.

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