1. @My Name I am no lawyer but in the example you used, it would have to be shown that you reasonably believed that lying would led to the death. Lying is not a crime. SCOTUS ruled that freedom of speech goes up to the point where you explicitly call for violence. Which is probably why Trump is not being charged.

    2. @Antonio Delgado That was then. Democrats are now Pro-Cops. President Biden said he has done more for black people then any President in history and it’s time to concentrate on latinos because their numbers are growing.

    1. @Shari Account More media should be sued for spreading lies as facts. For example, CNN is paying out 326 million in libel suits for 2020. As Fox News is also settling for a 2020 suit.

  1. Lou Dobbs should pay a hefty price. He’s been making lots of money over the years spreading lies. People are dead because of these lies. It’s time for him and others like him to pay up!

    1. and CNN spread the truth, they’re still trying to say Russia helped Trump win the election in 2016, they also still sayin officer Sicknick was killed by Trump supporters even though he was never attacked with a fire extinguisher and he died from a blood clot, it was just unfortunate, other people died, patriots, why aren’t CNN and MSM trying to name the cop who shot the lady, which is also a bit weird, she was shot in the neck but the video of her being shot, you would expect a lot of blood but she didn’t start bleeding for ages and it came from her nose first, im no medical expert but i would have though being shot in the neck from point blakc range would spread her neck across the wall but there was no blood at all and the officers did not act like trained officers they were just stood around talking and doing nothing while she was lay there, it looked like a scene from a movie

    2. @Hugh Manatee Trump asked for help in live TV. That’s bad enough…. and that phone call was NOT perfect. And, no he was NOT exonerated. And, he is still co-conspirator “Individual number 1” in the case against Michael Cohen, who pled guilty and is serving time and cooperating. More to come. We’ll wake you up in a few years when you come out of your Qanon/Trump coma!!

    3. @Cookie Monster hahah i dont like trump, i dont know who Q is apart from someone who pretty much gives out news headlines or something, i dont care…i just know the hypocrisy of you people is astounding.
      hahaha individual one….its nothing again.

    1. @Myriam Kaye . The “Trump mob” filmed their crimes and posted them on line. I’m thinking it would be beyond their cognitive ability to think about the consequences of having a phone in their pocket. I’m sure they were expecting to be hailed as national heroes and if they had somehow been successful and Trump was still President, they would have been. Trump would have created a new medal of honour for them. The thought is to scary to contemplate.

    2. @Mit Seraffej
      And where were you when five citys burnt down 47 people and a child were murdered?
      People taking selfies and pissing in coffee cups is hardly Pearl Harbor.
      Your guu bribem is a criminal.
      NOW STFU, take your vaccination and feel ashamed of yourself for allowing 71k jobs being lost in less than 48hrs and those lost jobs did nothing to help the environment.
      You SUCK on what 😲

    3. @Benjamin Levine – Biden didn’t count all the votes nimrod. Funny trump didn’t complain about the votes he won in areas with the same voting machines..lol!
      Maybe Dominion or Smartmatics will sue you also for defamation of business.
      So ignorant sounding when all places were re-counted up to 5 times.. gtfo 👋🏻👋🏻

    4. @OIOI II Trumpist take it so personal. Where was I during the race riots. Far away in a near covid free country. Left the US over thirty years ago.

  2. “if a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”

    – President Dwight D. Eisenhower, March 6, 1956

    1. Republicans impeach Bill Clinton Over a woman, Trump tried to take over the Capitol and Republicans are ok with this

    2. Ike never worked for wages in his adult life, the government educated him, fed him, clothed and provided his medical care. When will this socialist system be available to all Americans?

    3. are you talking about the democrats, they created a conspiracy to try and Impeach Trump the first time, and they have non-stop for over 4 years tell lie after lie and take everything he ever said out of context, is it morally correct for people like Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and Co openly support antifa and blm while they were burning federal buildings, killing people, attacking police officers, attacking elderly white people for simply being white all in the aid of racial justice? or is it ok to be a Hypocrite if you’re a democrat?

    1. @steve marshall His German is excellent, no doubt. Oh, you meant “you’re German?” A contraction, now I get it…….(duh, your English!) 🙄

    2. @William H Music 2021 Troll alert! Troll alert! Dude, have you nothing else to contribute to the conversation? First: the Democrats as a whole DO NOT SUPPORT DEFUNDING THE POLICE. The Administration doesn’t support it at all. Second: trans kids, gay kids, bi kids – they all exist because nature made them that way. Get over it. And quit lying to people (typical Trumpist Republican).

    3. @Dolores Reynolds what does it mean….I am Canadian…How did people vote for Trump…i only have one arm

  3. They lost all 60+ court cases and yet the GOP is condoning the attempt to overthrow a democratic election. *Why should such a party even be allowed a chance to run the country in future elections??*

    1. @Matt Fayne – It is hard to believe Americans get their information from CNN..Lazy people being lied to .

    2. they may have lost or actually more like had cases not even listened to but have you checked recently on the court websites and judiciary websites, there are still over 30 cases pending….machines have now been subpoenaed in multiple counties of multiple states, ballot audits are to be done, forensic audits are to be done so it’s far from over, why do you think that Time magazine printed an article saying how that the democrats with the aid of super powerful corporations didn’t rig the election but fortified it so Trump wouldn’t win….creating an early narrative.
      anyway, the entire world saw it but Americans think the world revolves around them, nobody believes a racist homophobic fat shaming corrupt career politician is the most popular president of all time, BS.
      he is a racist and far from welcome here in the UK, wait until he comes on his state visit, the protesting of him being there will be immense. nobody likes him here because we know what he is, a globalist corporatist racist bigot

    3. the court cases were not “lost”, they were not even heard—because of standing. That was the reason given. There were no witness’, there was no evidence presented.

    4. but there are witnesses, there is evidence and the courts wouldn’t even look at the evidence before they even decided if the case should be heard or not, that is not proper judicial practice at all

    1. @Scahoni , been drinking Fox news propaganda? Its seems that people lie so they think everybody else does. Whether they do or not. It’s a failure that has a very bad ending. For Jesus said that Satan is the father of lies. That doesnt sound very good for anybody that caters to lying. I know how easy it is to embellish the truth, but that’s still lying.

  4. If I broke into “The Johnson’s house” and could be heard beforehand screaming “hang Mr. Johnson”. I would be arrested for felony home invasion and possibly attempted murder. Crimes that would send me to prison for up to 30+ years in some states. These guys? They get to go home. Wow, okay.

    1. President Obama when commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning , ” transparency, accountability and openness are hallmarks of our democracy “…..wait till you see what has NOT BEEN REPORTED ON by anyone.

    2. @anita martini ….certified mail received The White House on April 17th 2018…cc’d members of congress and state government….followed up on December 2018….sent to same in government in early 2019….then three presidential candidates and the media ….

      The ” electorate ” gets their information from those in office, those seeking office and the media…….no reporting equals uninformed ” electorate” casting uninformed votes….both democrats and Republicans were informed but did not inform the ” electorate” ….there is a type of lie called lying by omission. You of course know what the communication i am referring to is about …RIGHT? 🙂

    1. Igor Monzon, did anyone else note the high stressed tone Trump used when he said “the Capital” in his speech on January 6?

    2. Really do you think if Trump had a plan to over throw our government…..the job would of been done Trump style
      Over the top, well planned and would of succeeded.
      Unlike Joe Biden whose has done absolutely nothing but get his family rich at the expense of American tax payers.

    3. what? seriously, he said peacefully and patriotically march and that is bad??
      wow, Kamala Harris was bailing out people who were burning businesses and killing people, thats wonderful though i suppose.
      you people are fucking crazy

    1. @Dicky Jones That’s odd since more than half the vets in congress are democrats…

      Oh and isn’t the trope that the militray is poor blacks? Last I check they vote 92% democrat.

      But yeah the military hates democrats…

      Coming from a 12 year Army vet that’s a democrat.

    2. @JJ Rousseaux I know. It is horrible. And besides the racist we have the religious fanatics he think Trump is the second coming of Christ.

    1. Everyone knows dementia joe who didn’t campaign stole the election and needed 30k troops to install his admin. Lol Joe got 15 million more votes than Obama? Lol no mail in signature audits. all cases dismissed on process. What a total fraud Biden is

  5. I’m just waiting for them to announce they caught the person or persons responsible for murdering officer Sicknick.

    1. that will be nobody as he died from a blood clot and most likely caused a heart attack, that is according to the coroner, which was believed to have been from a reaction to Police issue pepper gas but the media wont tell you that they will carry on saying he was beaten by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher……

    2. @Hugh Manatee ““Officer Brian D. Sicknick was injured while engaging with protesters Wednesday and returned to his division office, where he collapsed,” NBC News reported. After reports of the officer’s death circulated, Daily Beast reported that his brother told the outlet Sicknick had not died but that “he was on a ventilator with a blood clot on his brain and that it ‘did not look good.’” According to Limon, he was kept on life support until his family could get to the hospital, but he was then “taken off life support and died.” The officer was struck in the head “by a rioter,” according to Limon.”

    3. @Ellie James exactly, engaging with protestors, not fighting with them, not being beaten brutally with a fire extinguisher, he died from a blood clot when he was in his office…..possibly causing a heart attack, so why the lies from CNN, report the truth. Trump supporters didn’t kill him.
      if people should start being held accountable, i want to see nancy pelosi, joe biden, maxine waters and numerous others held accountable.
      they spurred on, bailed out and lauded antifa dn blm protestors who were killing people on the streets, killing police officers, attacking innocent people, burning down federal buildings and none of them condemned it but instead fuelled it.
      pelosi said within a week of the brutal murder of David Dorn that was live streamed by antifa/blm rioters and all she could say was”oh well, people do what people do”, kamala harris was tweeting for people to donate to bail out the rioters and said “they shouldn’t stop”….if Trumps impeachment goes through, Trump will give his evidence and all this will work in Trumps favour but the dems are stupid and just keep diggin their hypocritic hole deeper and deeper

    4. rump is responsible, and so is everyone else who incited, supported, and aided & abetted treason, like Cruz, Hawley, Boebert, Greene, etc. Also responsible: Everyone who promoted & perpetuated the lies that were used to rationalize the insurrection, like McConnel, Graham, Gaetz, and most Republicans, as well as Fox “News.” They should all be charged with Felony Homicide. (As well as Treason, Terrorism, Insurrection, Sedition, Rioting…)

      Same goes for all of the cops who were _complicit_ in the attack on the US Capitol.

      I couldn’t watch Capitol Police line the street in tribute to Sicknick on January 10th, without wondering how many of them were complicit. Some of them were genuine heroes… *_AWE-INSPIRING_* heroes. Others were terrorist sympathizers.

      I agree that we all need to see who committed that act, but so _many_ traitors had a hand in it.

      Now, terrorist sympathizers in positions of power are trying to claim they can’t charge the terrorists with terrorism. It’s a lie.

      America can’t sweep this treasonous terrorist attack under the rug.  It’s not only traitorous to try to let them off, but it guarantees that the terrorists will continue to escalate. Indulging these over-entitled criminals is exactly what _made_ them this way.

    5. @Speak Truth how come not a single one of you can say the same about the democrats inciting of hatred and violence that came from democrats all through last summer and beyond….openly supporting antifa and blm as the killed and maimed people, took over 4 blocks of a city and killed people in there

  6. The real thing is that America is on a very dark and dangerous road at this time and it’s going to be the American people as a whole that will get us off that road and back into the light of unity.

    1. @Scahoni You should go hold a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landicapping with Rudy Giuliani. You may need to help him “adjust” his “microphone” first however

  7. If the unAmerican GQP is not abolished, US democracy will die within 5-10 years.

    Remember, it was 10 years after a failed coup that Hitler seized power and killed German democracy.

    1. Not likely. For any coup you have to seize guns. It also helps to brainwash children, but who do the teacher’s unions donate millions too?
      Some military purges help too, like what is happening currently.

    2. Really?

      Un American?

      I think you are ignorant. The Democrats have been Un American for decades on in. In fact, our country has digressed largely because of the Democrats. Who embrace all manner of evil, like, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Communist China and others, but you call us Un American? If your statement weren’t so serious, it would be laughable.

    3. @Kit Bailey BLM isn’t evil. Where’d you get that from? A few people saying and doing stupid $hit doesn’t make it evil. No more than a few Trump supporters saying and doing stupid $hit makes the GOP evil. Politics in general is BS, and both sides are always engaged in misinformation and disinformation campaigns.

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