1. Gold will rise very fast, buy physical gold stay away from virtual gold the world is going to war because America spent 203 billion dollars on nuclear programs

  1. Bring in, Liz or Kinzinger. If any of them will take the job then Republicans have a chance to start defending the truth and the country.

    1. @tarmaque true it would piss off supporters of IQ45. But Republicans created this mess and I think that it would only take 6 to vote Hakim Jeffries as opposed to what, many more Democrats,16 I think! Now that would piss a lot more of the other side. Why should Democrats clean up their mess, let them grovel and see what happens.

    2. Gold will rise very fast, buy physical gold stay away from virtual gold the world is going to war because America spent 203 billion dollars on nuclear programs

    3. @andre mcdonald yes….but democrats can vote for them. 🙂
      Fkn over the Trumpers hard in the process which would make doing that a priceless moment i would kiss my blue rep for doing.


  2. It’s time for the GOP to pay the bill for their years of stoking and pandering to the crazies. Everyone thought it would be a matter of controlling Congress, yet it has become a fight for control of their party.

    1. @Bad Luck His website says or at least said earlier that he was sworn in yesterday. That isn’t possible without a speaker so it must be true that he is the speaker.

    2. @Bill Zardus I dunno, sure they are liars too but with Santos is like 1000% for sure. It’s like choosing between being burned at the stake or skinned alive.

  3. McCarthy will never sway the 5 or 6 never Kevin’s, because their ultimate goals aren’t concessions… it’s chaos, humiliation, and brand building. They are playing to their base.

    1. Democrats and Republicans….politicians are useless. They waste our taxpayer money. They should all be ousted!

    2. @Rod ok
      And replaced by who?
      Not saying I disagree- but what’s another real option. If they are all corrupt, what’s the name matter ?

    3. You’re being silly…. they are trying to get a Speaker of the House who will do the investigations necessary and will clamp down on the insane spending of imaginary money. Mccarthy will not do that and congress will carry on as if Pelosi is still in charge. I’m actually surprised the democrat reps haven’t just voted for Mccarthy to get him over the line.

  4. Divine delay. That was prophesied back in march? Wonderful to watch God restore our country as the demons howl and mock

    1. That is exactly why the 20 Republicans are trying to nominate other reps for Speaker. The American people need and want change. The country cannot continue to advance the socialist agenda and Kevin McCarthy will do just that.

  5. You’d think that there would be some Republicans in there who can see how wrecked their party has become and would have the courage to just vote Jeffries in to let America move on while they work on repairing the GOP.
    They have to stand up to the crazies and reject them before that can happen.
    Too bad the only 2 Republicans with enough backbone and long-term vision to do that are now gone.

    1. Yes, and that’s 𝘸𝘩𝘺 they’re gone. Republicans who dared vote for Jeffries would be pariahs among the other Republican reps; they could lose committee appointments and even be censured. And at reelection time, their donors would likely turn their backs, and their voters would abandon them in the primaries.

    2. You say that like the democrats can’t vote for Mccarthy…that’s perfectly acceptable as well. The truth is, a Republican majority congress will not have a democrat speaker. Mccarthy will not fix congress. He has refused. Jeffries will not lead the House. So, who should it be?

    3. @Phillippa C. Nah, Democrats voting for McCarthy wouldn’t be remotely acceptable. He’s promised the Bobo Gaetz nuts too many moronic changes to the rules, and plus, he’s a big stupid stiff.Beyond that, the Democrats have no urgent, immediate need to bring this cartoon show to a close.

  6. Stephen Colbert: What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and never be a speaker of the house?

  7. A preview of the 118th session of the House of Representatives: lots of wrangling for power, not so much getting anything worthwhile done.

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