1. Obviously, Senator Lankford is a Trump apologist, thus it requires him to lie and lie and lie just like the President he is protecting.

    1. You wanna know how screwed you people are? Companies like Palantir are helping this administration deal out justice.

    2. What Tapper could have asked , “why a moron like you can get to be a senator ? Are you really this stupid ?”

    3. I met Senator Langford in an airport a couple of years ago. Sure he won’t remember me, but if I was a big donor like Parnas was, I’m pretty sure he’s going to remember me.

    1. Truly, Melven! But don’t forget: We’re all supposed to believe it’s rain too, despite the smell.

  2. If Donald Trump is having those conversations w everyone he’s having dinner w, we are in trouble. These ppl need to stop covering for him.

    1. If the president talks with people that he takes pictures with,imagine what he’s done with Vladimir Putin when they meet by themselves

    2. No evidence of a non-crime is all you have. You need to get out of the MSNBC bubble and find out what is going to shock when the truth comes out.

      Trump had not even sworn on the Bible and you and your thugs in congress were openly scheming to ‘remove’ him.

      Trump has outsmarted and outmaneuvered you over and over.
      Below is some cut and paste you will never get from the media you gobble up.

      “If Democrats want to play games, here’s the hammer waiting to fall on them if these folks are called.

      The bottom line is there already have been multiple witnesses in the House and not one has supported the claims of the Democrats as to quid pro quo, including the person at the crux of the case, President Volodymyr Zelensky.

      If Zelensky and the Ukrainians say there was never any quid pro quo communicated to them, then there is no case, no matter how much that House Intel Chair Adam Schiff wants to manufacture fake conversations or put words in Zelensky’s mouth.

      Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wants witnesses to buttress their case because they’re still desperately fishing to find any evidence that actually supports their case.

      He’s calling it a “cover-up” not to have witnesses in the Senate trial. But they already have witnesses from the House proceedings, it’s not the Senate’s requirement to help the House managers with their case.

      Schumer is being hypocritical since he argued against further witnesses during the Clinton impeachment proceedings saying it made no sense for the Senate to call new witnesses when they were not called by the House.”

    3. @motown 313 you got to be a stupid azz wipe. This man going to keep putting stuff out and yall going to keep with the excuses . I guest you Pappy didn’t teach you better . Deplorable .

    4. Stop Smoking Crack and watching CNN to start,,or you will began to believe anything Jeff Zucker and his ‘reporters’ tell you ,,, unless your not high on Crack and do believe it,,,than you just a brain dead liberal

  3. I’m getting to the point where I can’t stand any of these shitbag republicans. I hope they all lose their jobs.

    1. Get your popcorn and watch the dems get hit upside the head like a 2×4 by ‘The Constitution of the United States of America’…

    2. @Adolf Hitler All Democrats are not extreme. That is Fox News talking. Democrats actually are concerned that laws are followed and that our national security is not endangered by incompetence and ignorance. We need our allies, not insults to salve a baby ego.

  4. The president just kicks out an ambassador he doesn’t even know based on the advice of a person he doesn’t even remember. Suuuuure

    1. Your picture story simply untrue, I suggest you do a little reading and realise the truth. Or don’t facts matter anymore? These ‘alternative facts’ one reads, you bought one, many, I suspect.

    2. @D Morgan
      And i suppose you think Democrat Senators are angels ?? Its ALL about Politics and NOTHING ELSE
      During Andrew Johnsons impeachment trial and Bill Clintons trial NOT 1 Senator from same party voted to Convict . GROW UP

    3. @Karen Stone
      How do you know he took advice from someone else before he makes a decision , does that sound like Trump to you ???
      Were you crying about Obama when he FIRED many Ambassadors when he came into power and replaced them with his supporters ?? I guess not 🙄

    4. @junebugg719 the cover up is the problem. He said he didn’t know Lev. But he responds at a dinner to Levs advise pertaining to the ambassador. Gtfoh

  5. Although, he slept with her. he claimed he never know Stormy Daniels either.

    Is that because he cheated on his wife with so many women.

    I wish the interviewer had brought that up

  6. Who is he kidding? Trump is discussing the removal of a sitting American Ambassador with Parnas, a man who has no security clearance. Either Trump knows him or he’s a dangerous idiot for engaging in such a reckless conversation!

    1. Guessing,without a conscience,and living in an alternative fact fog,one can upchuck much BS. Still,Lankford choosing party over the constitution means he’s anti-American.

  7. “Trump lied”
    trumper: “No he didn’t.”
    (produces inarguable facts, evidence, with supporting sound reasoning) “See? He lied.”
    trumper: “No he didn’t.”
    The sky is blue
    trumper: “No it isn’t.”

    1. There is no arguing with a trumpie troll. They refuse to listen, they refuse to investigate, they call anyone a liar who doesnt tell their lies. Best to ignore them

    1. @B the next Democrat would govern by fiat. That is why the Democrat party must be destroyed. Trump is here to make it happen.

    2. sun dial ironically you have a very liberal definition of what treason is.
      Lol calm down and take care man.

    3. @Renee Mann oh, you must be new to this…heard about Ken Starr investigating a failed land deal to putting a sitting president under oath to question Clinton about an affair?

    4. Trump gives me hope. The leftward march toward a socialist dictatorship seemed unstoppable for decades. One 74 year old man did it. The Republicans ended slavery and the democrats have never forgiven them for that. Below is a cut and paste you might find enlightening if not frightening.

      ‘It is not too soon to consider how to assist the millions of Trump-haters in the country in adjusting to the imminent collapse of their hopes and dreams. Their entire political world now rests on a series of absurd suppositions; it is a levitation that defies all laws of nature and politics.

      They have propelled themselves into an insane impeachment trial over non-offenses the president did not commit—a trial over matters which are not legally actionable and for which there is no evidence. For this, the Senate and the chief justice of the United States will be tied up for weeks. When it fizzles ignominiously, the anti-Trump media will squawk like hungry parrots that there was a real case, but that the Republican senators refused to recognize it. That hackneyed line is wearing very thin.

      The Democrats will not be liberated easily from their addiction to having destructive partisan investigations riveted on the president’s back permanently. This will be a painful process, like all addictive treatments, with desperate cravings, fantasies, relapses, and the torment of cold turkey withdrawals. At some point in the next two or three months, the Democrats are also going to have to face up to the prodigious inadequacy of all their leading presidential candidates.’

  8. Does this congressman actually believe the lies he is spewing or is he merely worried about his own career at the expense of the entire country????

    1. That’s it! That’s ALL these low life Republicans care about are their careers! It’s obvious that they could care less about the Constitution, the rule of law, the country and American people!! All they care about is power and money!! If Trump isn’t removed America’s done for. 😢

    2. 53republicans selling out Americans to protect their jobs but 2020 brings a blue wave, there only hope is jump ship, regroup for 2024 but most of them will be gone

  9. “Part of a 25 person conversation”, excuse me but the clip features trump directly asking Lev questions and apparently taking direct advice from him that influenced his decision making as president, so I think it would be a little more distinguished than just another dinner where he talks about chocolate cake.

  10. “We do that all the time with foreign policy.” Trump, the Mob Boss President who lies like you or I breathe, with ease and without thought.

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