Jake Tapper presses WH Covid-19 coordinator on vaccinated Biden wearing a mask 1

Jake Tapper presses WH Covid-19 coordinator on vaccinated Biden wearing a mask


CNN's Jake Tapper asks Jeffery Zients, the White House Covid-19 response coordinator, about President Biden wearing a mask when he is in a room where all are vaccinated. #CNN #News


    1. @anthony cheesman Give a damn break. Biden is just fine and the news makes mountains out of mole hills. People have been wearing masks in asia long before Covid. Masks help to prevent other diseases too..

    2. @Ridge Caples Is that why his coordinators and handlers don’t want him answering any pre-approved press questions? Because of how non-dementia he is?

    1. Biggest question:

      Biden got 80 million votes.

      Trump got 76 million votes.

      That adds up to…

      156 million votes cast.

      Number of registered voters in America?

      144 million. So every registered voter turned out to vote, and 12 million brought a friend? Are you that dumb you don’t see how few counties Biden won to get more votes than any President in history? Then all court cases get thrown out on process – not merit?? The fraud is in plain site for all to see.

    2. @Benjamin Levine how dare you question the legitimacy of the most popular and enthusiastic president of our time? Praise Faucci, peace be upon him!

  1. If they made it where once you get vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask, more people would get vaccinated.

    1. @Thyalwaysseek I can’t literally force anyone to do anything, but we can use discourse to find efficacious solutions.
      I’m not picky, whoever comes up with a solution *that works*, I am on board with them until it’s done.
      Doing nothing is not an option for me, but I will not judge you for it. To each their own.

    2. @Sparky’s Space What works is that those who want to triple mask and vaccinate then go and do it and leave the rest of us in peace to make our own choices.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek have you ever heard of a scientific term called. “Heard Immunity”? its actually a very interesting term, its used for livestock and has even been used with humans for almost a century. Its why there is a yearly flu vaccine, and why children are vaccinated for measles, polio, and yellow fever. The term heard immunity comes from the idea of if one person or animal gets sick with a viral disease then every one around them will follow suit. Now if every single person except for the first one, gets vaccinated and is Immune to that very virus, The virus will mutate to be able to overcome and infect the others who are immune. This is why the measles virus had a small comeback as some people werent vaccinating their children and it caused a small uprising until it was canned. You not getting vaccinated could cause the virus to mutate to beable be contracted by vaccinated persons, just like what is going on in india currently, and the new strand of COVID19 that infects children at a rapid rate. this is why most school systems requires full vaccinations to be enrolled in thei classes. no one can force you, but it really helps keep the population healthy if you did.

  2. A lot of asleep zombie people in this comment section, they must delete a lot of comments

  3. Zientz at times in the interview seems to do his best answering the question, by not answering the questions lol.


    Every year my siblings (twin sister’s & a younger brother/ all adults) & I plan
    something completely different for Mom’s Day. Last year, for example, we took Mom to breakfast lunch & dinner to see how much she could eat & drink of her favorite things before gettig sick.

    This year we went to our cemetery where there is a family plot. Dad is buried there. PICNIC ON THE PLOT!

    At first Mom was reluctant & didn’t think it was a very good idea but we urged her on with sarcasm saying we’re sorry as we thought she had a sense of humor. We also said there would be a bottomless pit of her favorite wine.

    So here she is … sitting on her grave with a club sandwich in one hand & a glass of Merlot in the other… ‘digging it’!

  5. Tapper trolling Joe is fairly entertaining for a Sunday night. Better than reruns of Blue Bloods lol

    1. @Christian Murphy No one ever said YOU would die. Ever. Using your number of 99% survival, that’s 1% dead, or 3.28 million Americans dead PER YEAR, since immunity doesn’t last, without the extreme measures we’ve taken to prevent its spread. The worst flu season in the last 10 years killed 41,000, so congratulations on admitting Covid is clearly not the flu. We know you don’t care if you get someone else sick and they die. You’ve been screaming that to anyone who would listen for well over a year. We haven’t had a defense from you until now. You can continue to be a selfish, irresponsible person without being able to harm anyone with any sense.

    2. @Ractopamine You’re kidding me right? China is hiding up their numbers, you seriously believe what they say?

    3. @scott2296 The US and India are competing to see who can have the highest death toll. That says so much.

    4. @Manu Sankaran Well, I don’t have anything for you to believe. I if you have any evidence that support what you claim, report it to the WHO for the world to examine. If it is just speculation, I would believe the official report.

  6. Biden doesn’t wear a mask inside when visiting elderly previous presidents and their wives. . .

  7. It is such an easy thing in my county and state to get vaccinated. My Pharmacist called me and offered to come to my home due to my difficulty walking. Oh, I forgot, I agreed to be in a study for the CDC after I received my first vaccination. It will help gather important information for my gender and age.

    1. Wow, that’s so super, I bet you feel really good about yourself obeying your overlords in the CDC.

      I haven’t gotten vaccinated. I haven’t worn a mask. At all. The entire time. Feel great, too. But then again, I live in a state where we’re still free. You wouldn’t know what that’s like.

    2. I’m so happy for you. Maybe you feel better mocking a 60 year old woman, I’m glad you received joy from it on Mother’s Day. You can be you and I will be me. Have a blessed day.

  8. I have confident in the FDA approved vaccine but I also want them to try out, test and study ALL COVID vaccines.
    . Also what is the effectiveness of the vaccines against the Indian Covid mutant strain?
    As for the masks, I think they’ll be the “new norm” now

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