1. I remember the quote “not intended to be a factual statement” although don’t remember the Republican that said it. At the time I couldn’t believe someone would say something like that, little did I know, that was the new norm.

  2. Actually, the house managers’ presentations were as clear as a crystal. As to the other side, Trump’s attorneys have a clear opportunity to make their case, although they are in deflect and avoidance mode. If the Trump team does not answer the specific charges and evidence, he should be found guilty, then all accomplices should also be prosecuted, and certain Senators should also be charged for breaking the impartiality clause in the oath. Aside, this should also meet Trump’s campaign promise of draining the swamp. 🤨

    1. @old school outlaw Presidential & Republican bullshit? This is about what is real and not “Trump-Land Make Believe”.

  3. “Where in the Marine Handbook is the section on Code Red?” Maybe Sekulow is so stupid, he doesn’t understand the “quid pro quo” was explained rather than simply named. And it was more extortion than bribery.

    1. @Anthony S2K04 Tony, you’re off the rails – poisoned by fux noose. You opinion is based on BS so it is discounted so deeply you’d have to pay me to entertain it.

    2. @Joan Zito wow you are so misguided how about when Hillary destroyed supeniaed evidence 15 phones with a hammer bleach bit her server 30,000 emails erased hmmm pot calling the kettle black

    1. @oldrrocr where did you see bribery in the Articles.This panel are a crowd of hacks for the dems.Jay is a one of the best lawyers in the country.Every single witness testified there was no crime committed.The dems are cherry picking one sentence out of the entire testimony to fit their narrative.Only you clowns who watch CNN,all 200 of you are falling for the CNNDNC talking points.They’ve lied to you all for 3 yrs and you still are this stupid.

    2. Why is Sam’s Daughter calling us uneducated? If YOU had a brain you would see that this bs has been going for 3 years. Trump 2020.

  4. 0:57 one thing I’m not confused is the president needs to be removed pronto. Bring the witnesses and let’s see how innocent he really is.

    1. @sixstringman yeah, Nads and Schitt trying to throw a change up. Pelosi held on to the articles just long enough for their moronic base to forget.

    1. @Conservative America
      That’s not what it said …it was inconclusive.
      Why because of the lack of cooperation and obstruction by trump and his allies..
      Also, if you’re so confident about what the muller report said, then release it on its entirety.

    2. @Zoo Man I said, you hate Trump but you have assured his reelection! You leftist turds let your emotions get the best of you! 😂

    3. @Conservative America
      So you couldn’t address what I posted …instead, you resort name calling.
      Oh well…didn’t take too long to figure you out…just another dummy trump worshiping fool. That’s all you are.
      Btw, I am not a leftist or right winger…I don’t know how you got that impression about me…

  5. Action speak Trump doesn’t have to say “quit pro quo” and the lawyer and Linsey should recuse they are also deep in it.

    1. @Mark G. and why wouldnt they? Dems sure as hell did the same when it was their guy. In fact All the same players are still there. Term limits now.

  6. 4:22 Media should stop using terms like “launch investigate the Biden’s”, which misrepresent what is being done, and use “manufacture political investigations” instead. It describes the situation exactly as it is

  7. I would love to make a deal with someone else money, with one of them foreign leader and tell the police fu.k y’all your not talking to the ppl who know what I did SMFH

    1. 08breezy08 Every criminal in court should be able to block all witnesses and proof because they know something that may or may not be of national security interest. Trump will be precedent for further law suits!

  8. The Senator makes a strong point when he lifts the issue beyond T and points out that at stake is functionality the office of Presidency in the future

    1. I would suggest that what is at stake is the functionality of Congress. Congress has a long history of ceding power to the executive branch. If impeachment for presidential overreach and abuse of power is no longer viable, then there are no checks whatsoever on presidential power.

    1. Money in politics is the actual worst problem. That’s exactly why these old white men are in charge despite all the lies. Some people seem to only get Fox Fact Free News and Sinclair Sucks Trump Radio in some states and that’s also a question of money

    2. @terry varta blame the new world order the counsel of foreign relations the bush administration Clinton administration and Obama administration trump is trying to get our troops out of the middle east and let you all fight it out

    3. Our military industrial complex is nothing short of ruthless and criminal they go unchecked I dont agree with alot of what they do our cia create enemies fund both sides sadom use to be an alli then when we were done with him and he was no longer needed we took him out creating a power structure and then it was bin laden he was cia asset funded by us then when he was no longer needed again we got rid of him then it was isis same deal it makes me sick

    4. @Josie Fox Money in Politics is a BIG problem, True … I’m just not sure how you can police that sort of thing. My point was only that people need to try a bit harder to remember the lies they were told by BOTH Parties and to apply that memory when they Vote.

    5. @Josie Fox so there isn’t any old white women that are corrupt? Here is a pro tip for ya. Corruption comes in all walks of life.

  9. “they don’t want to listen to the rest of the testimony.” “Nuff said. Repubs don’t want facts. Will not allow witnesses. This is not a fair trial. Some have already stated that they will not vote to impeach. Moscow Mitch has stated on camera that he is not an impartial juror. He should not be allowed a vote. Period. I guess it should not be surprising that they will swear an oath they have no intention of honoring. These people should not be deciding what they’re having for breakfast let alone the President’s guilt or innocence and how this country should be run.

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