1. I am appalled by the mere fact that Russian politicians are starting to speak about the potential use of nukes in conventional war so easily… They are either delusional or plainly nuts and irresponsible by blackmailing the humanity with these threats… Total madness… I am from the Semipalatinsk region in Kazakhstan, which was used by the Soviet Russia to test their nukes just a few decades ago. So many locals are suffering now from its aftereffects. Innocent people always pay the highest price, while the evil Russian politicians feel no regrets and continue to harm people, understanding that nobody will dare to punish them severely because of their nuclear indulgence. What a sad planet we live in… Warm greetings from Kazakhstan to all still sane people, regardless where you are!

    1. US empire and it’s squad of hyenas are a growing menace for much of the world. This empire cannot collapse soon enough.

    2. @ Martin stop with your racism so what if he comes from a third world countries, it is mostly the first world countries that have Nukes and start wars to kill people

    3. Gee, let me see… Russia and/or China forms an alliance with Mexico and installs military bases there… Gee, I wonder what would happen next? Hmmm… Gee…. Hmmm… Gee… You absolute imbeciles! *WE* started this war!

    4. Except that nukes do NOT distinguish between politicians and the masses. Nukes are nukes and will turn Russia itself into a radioactive rubble just like their currency and people will swear there was NEVER anyone living there. It is a risky business toying with even the idea because USA will see them launching it and good luck to all the Russians including the military generals.

    5. Thank you for your well wishes! Let me pass them right back to you, at the cultural migration center of all our people’s 10,000 years ago. Sincerely, A Reasonable Non-Partisan First Generation American ❤️

  2. All leaders of both parties, have been embarrassing in their Russian relations, I guess we can now admit

    1. @american made Why did Putin wait? John Bolton said it in an interview two days ago. He believed Putin was hoping for a second Trump term, when he felt confident that he would leave NATO. Which would have severely weakened NATO confidence. Setting the perfect table for his desire for expansion/invasion. Didn’t happen. It was now or never, after that.

    2. @american made I figured you would be deaf. You, sir, are hopeless. That’s obvious. Good luck with your love for Trump, and how history will look upon him, and his minions, like you.

    3. @adipsous Trump lives in your head rent free. Biden said in 2019 ”imagine what Trump can do in another year, imagine what can happen to Ukraine if he’s reelected.

  3. I mean Putin did this like 3 other times and faced no consequences…. Why would he think this time would be any different?

    1. @Friendly Skies Podcast Is the ‘russian bot’ in the room with us now? show us on this doll where the russian bot touched you?


    3. Russia has been weak and could not stop the USA as it waged war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

    4. Why did he did it this IS not as so simple as you think? Do you think your journalists are independant?

  4. This was a very good segment. Unfortunately, it will take all the world’s nations to stand up against Russia. If not it’s basically back to square one, and which country is next on Putin’s chopping block?

    1. @Joey Biden Completely remove him and his country from all trade/business dealings, like most countries do with North Korea.

    2. @Joey Biden …..and all those countries need to ban any and all travel to Russia. Cut them completely off of everything.

    3. @Joey Biden …..and they need to be doing all these things like fast and in a hurry. Just now it’s reported that Russia is getting fighters from SYRIA to help with the battle in Ukraine. Things are going to get worse and highly likely to use chemical warfare.

    4. @Patrick Williams You weren’t conscious when millions of people around the world decried the Iraq invasion? You just made a inaccurate conflation.

    1. Shame on both sides? Only one side mocked the idea of Russia being a threat. “The 80’s called”.

    2. @Brak Bakkar Give me a break. Did you watch, or did you watch and just ignored the information that didn’t fit your anti-Democratic narrative?

    3. As embarrassing as the half-million Iraqi children who starved to death because of US sanctions and the half a million Iraqis killed by the US invasion itself. The hypocrisy of the US is astounding.

  5. As a Canadian I was always shocked at how US leaders seemed to praise Putin; especially the Trump administration. Looks like things are changing?

    1. @Felix Pfaltermann Former NSA John Bolton said on Newsmax that Trump constantly complained that sanctions on Russia were too harsh

    2. @Gordon Strong – ha ha ha. You bring up John Bolton and we’re supposed to take you seriously?

    1. Gee, let me see… Russia and/or China forms an alliance with Mexico and installs military bases there… Gee, I wonder what would happen next? Hmmm… Gee…. Hmmm… Gee… You absolute imbeciles! *WE* started this war!

  6. the american government and people must always remember the phase, ”when you give a person an inch, they will soon take a mile”. this phase goes for everything and everyone, personal and political.

    1. @sammyshott23 a poll is not a vote. A vote is not worth anything if it doesn’t include everyone. Anything beyond 2014 has been illegitimate.

    2. @RC And there is a lot of evidence that says the election was rigged in favour of Putin’s puppet. And while, that is all hearsay, why did he flee directly to Moscow once he was ousted? Why did he do everything Putin wanted while he was in office? Why did Putin want him re-installed?

    3. @sammyshott23 the election was witnessed by the international election committee. No proof of cheating was ever shown. I don’t care if he was a puppet or not…I care if he was fairly removed

    4. Still waiting for the US to pull out of Iraq. The souls of a million dead Iraqis would be finally at peace.

    5. Gee, let me see… Russia and/or China forms an alliance with Mexico and installs military bases there… Gee, I wonder what would happen next? Hmmm… Gee…. Hmmm… Gee… You absolute imbeciles! *WE* started this war!

    1. @Uli Crammond He left out the USA War crimes though. Also their illegal invasions and civilians casualties. What about those facts?


    3. @Uli Crammond As long as you acknowledge the USA is the worst actor on the global stage. As that is a verifiable fact. “It’s difficult to disagree with facts” right? So this kind of talk from America is hilarious.

  7. A brilliant and depressing assessment of America’s abject failure to stand up to the tyrant Putin!

    1. *Meanwhile Germany and Europeans that actually live here did EVERYTHING to stand up to Putin by buying more oil from them!!!* Let us see who’s really to blame for this, the US, not Germany or EU or even Putin himself! 9

    2. It’s actual revisionism. It’s crazy how low information Americans really are. You get all of your facts from opinion shows.

    3. @Jay247 Innocent Japanese who were murdering innocent Koreans, Chinese and Manchurians and attacked Pearl Harbor?

    4. Nice work Jake trapper, another gem. I haven’t liked you since the skynyrd smear job you did back in the 90s.

  8. Wow. Excellent segment Jake. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to point out such an obvious elephant in the room. This has been going on for way too long.

    1. Um, HELLO? Some of US have BEEN calling out this appeasement by BOTH the Dems. & GOP but the Republicans are NOW “taking orders” from Putin!

    2. @Dustin Mitchell The biggest MORON is Trump. Why didn’t Putin attack while Trump was President? He was waiting for Trump to withdraw from NATO! LIKE TRUMP PROMISED. Like what many sources, including his Defense Secretary, says that he was planning to do on being reelected.

    3. @DS Unless Putin has completely lost his mind, he’s not going to use nukes. He threatens, but he has to know that the minute he pushes that button, Moscow will be a grease spot on the map.

      Multiple nations have multiple nukes of their own trained right on Moscow and every major Russian city, every major Russian military target and they won’t hesitate to take him out. He may get off a couple going west or into Asia, but he will mark himself as a mad man, a world threat and he will see his entire country vaporized – instantly.

    4. @Save 🇺🇸
      Criticising the current administration doesn’t let you distract from the fact that Republicans have been chomping on Putin’s ballsack and calling it butter candy for the past 5 years.

  9. Have we learned the lesson? No! We can’t even hold the corrupt accountable here in the US.


    1. *I doubt he makes it to the car. Unlike Russia, things like this are strictly prohibited.* “Freedom of Speech”

    2. Just like the harsh coverage on Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal? I think you either don’t give enough credit to CNN or you just watch the videos that have the most views, which are mostly the most biased ones. CNN has been leaning more center over the last few years. Yes, they criticized Trump heavily, but so did other news organizations, center and right-leaning. Now they are being hard on Biden, but the primary difference is that he is much more mellow than the previous President. His rhetoric is non-existent compared to Trump.

    3. “Surprised they let this air”
      You guys are getting ridiculous. CNN/FOX/NBC or any other American media has never had ANY issues in saying whatever they want. Gtfo, dude.

  10. When you let killers get away with killing, and there are no real consequences, you are a fool to think they would ever stop.

    1. All the talk of Ukraine joining NATO, all the talk about building nukes, the steady buildup of lethal weaponry, the movement of troops to the east, the refusal to implement the Minsk Treaty, and the rejection of Putin’s security demands. That’s what lead to this. Can we get some real news CNN?

    2. Killers like the Bushes and Obama? Half a million dead Iraqis(from the war)! Putin isn’t in that major league level yet. Throw in another half a million Iraqi children who starved to death from the sanctions before the war and 200,000 Afghans, it becomes apparent that Putin is rather a Saint in comparison. Sad😔 but it’s true.

  11. The one thing that has always stuck with me about the Georgian conflict was seeing the Russian tanks pointing their guns far below their center line – as low as possible – essentially at the ground – in order to target civilians sheltering in basements and cellars. The West should have done something then.

  12. I watched this live earlier this morning. I remember witnessing every one of these actions as they occurred. While watching, I was imagining what the “other party” would have said if the President had made the opposite decisions. What would “we the people” have said if any of those decisions had made our lives more expensive? Would we have supported the “this will pay off in the long term” argument? Are we the problem because we are unable to think about long term consequences?

    1. Yes. It’s been obvious lately that critical thinking skills which enable long term thinking, are seriously lacking in a large segment of the American public, created in a large part by Republican politicians underfunding and devaluing the importance of a well rounded education. It’s happening right now in many places in the world with extremist leaning right wing conservative governments.

  13. W. Churchill – “Americans always do the right thing, after exhausting every other option.”
    Sadly Europe, Asia and Africa are just as guilty when it comes to Russia and Putin. So this saying probably applies to us all…

  14. I was a kid when the Cuban missile crisis occurred.The US stood firm during the crisis and the world held its collective breath. And the Soviets backed down. We can’t know for sure how far Putin will go, while bankrupting his country, but his actions in Ukraine call for tough, perhaps risky, actions on the part of the NATO. We should blockade the seas around Odessa, and our (NATO) military should stand with their toes on the Poland-Ukraine border, moving heavy weaponry across to the Ukrainian forces as fast as they can absorb it. We could also supply Ukraine with armed drones which we could quietly control, or assist in controlling, from outside Ukraine. People are being massacred on our doorstep and the US, along with all of Europe, needs to act.

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