1. They act as if they want to be under the rule of a King or dictator. They are the biggest group of spineless men I’ve ever seen

    1. @thespaceram2 you really need to take a political science class so you can at least sound like you know what you’re talking about.

    1. @tomtube1012 Hold the phone homey the Red Sea is about to fall on you and all your evil leaders . But remember you can repent and receive salvation of the Lord. Or you can remain a goat and take part in the judgment on all sinners, your choice. Remember I told you.🙏

    1. @Terry Hawk Well, in their defense, they’d probably require a compelling reason to sign off on that. It would have to be a bit stronger than defending the country against The Squad. However, Trump could easily come up with something palatable to make them be OK with even that.

    2. @jonRboy ikr….I DON’T doubt THAT at ALL !! Republicans have turned into being WORSE than the people of Nazi Germany !! They have NO problem ” defending” Confederate flags and statues and flying a SWASTIKA RIGHT NEXT to it !!!

    3. @hua zhang 😂😂….46 minutes of BULLSHIT !! But you IDIOTS ” carry-on” saying he ” won” the election !!😂😂

  2. been saying this for the last 4 years. this guy alone has exposed how much this country is fractured. he has shown the light on the racists, in and out of office.

    1. @Joshua Williams Yup, we’ve killed 300K due to covid for making masks political haven’t we? You have enabled your killing president and RINOs. How does it feel?

    2. @finchborat Neither Hillary Clinton, nor President Obama left our country in a hole anywhere near as deep as what Trump is leaving us in here in 2020, you complete dope.

    3. @Joshua Williams How old are you Josh? 10, 15 maybe? We do have control, just like we have control not to piss in our pants. Wear masks, social distance and avoid group settings. What part of that is beyond your control? I don’t like this anymore than you or others, but I want to live to see my 66th birthday. Don’t you, or don’t you believe in the deadly nature of this virus?

  3. The GOP seems to have evolved into an evil gang wanting to destroy our democracy. Or are they really all terrified by Trumps twitter hatred?

    1. Nah, they just don’t really care for a Presidential election being stolen, the witnesses being destroyed and the cowardly officials running for cover rather than standing up for the truth. It’s pretty simple really

    2. They put politics over people. But even politically, they also grossly overestimate (though time will tell the truth of this) the benefit of their support for Trump.

    3. @BioGoji 1989 so true. nowadays the Republicans defend statues of Confederates, the very people who killed Lincoln. and interestingly, the Confederates were all Democrats ! i have never seen such a total switch of good and evil.

  4. All the ones that backed all them baseless lawsuits, especially “the big one” should not be seated in congress. Pelosi should have refused them since they broke their oath to the constitution!!!

  5. He definitely did us a favor and exposed the fact that a quarter of the country is racist. I really had no idea it was as bad as it is until the past four years.

    1. @Illuminated Bestchoice Trump was not racist! It was you people.
      Biden didn’t win the election it was stolen and you voted for Biden because your hatred for Trump.
      I’m an Aussie and I love Trump. Soon I recon you all will regret voting for corrupt Biden and his mob.
      Time will tell and History will say how GREAT Trump was.

    2. @sonicbreaker00 Youtube is freezing, deleting videos and account that support Trump. Censorship. While they jack up CNN fake views and fake comment. I understand that FOX and NBC has good views but CNN? Fake af they’re using our tax money for this crap

    1. @homefly00 Ok,, you’re kidding right? For the last 4 years, we’ve been told the sky is green and the moon is black and the sun orbits the earth by the RINO’s in government (lead by trump). Are you enjoying those “alternative facts”? Blame the left if that makes you feel better you are right, trump has taking the schoolyard technique of projecting blame on others to a level we’ve never seen in government. I don’t totally disagree with your final statement but don’t at all like how you’ve framed it. Just my opinion,

    2. @Andy Sleeter And I bet you have all of that juicy proof don’t you? Just another person promoting hate and spite.

    3. @Phillip Sims Got some proof there Phil? Doubt it. State now whether you support trashing our constitution; just a yes or no as you seem to support disenfranchising the voters from 6 states. Can we do the same to your state and maybe Florida and Texas while we’re at it? You govern by facts. So maybe with an authoritarian government you can help sway opinion and get your king to do your bidding… what do you think?

  6. This sounds like revelations, you must wear the mark to show that you’re one of ‘us’ . God help us if you’re not busy!!

  7. ALL of them should voluntary step down from their offices since they outed themselves not to represent the people! Period!

    1. They can’t even spell voluntarily, let alone know what it REALLY means! Plz tell us how they volunteered 2 do the right thing 4 any one of us suffering right about now, especially in their constituency!! Guess we’ll be waiting 4 that “healthcare” plan about the same time huh??!!!😏😶

    1. @small town girl Exactly. To quote those words that trump was paid so much to say, “You’re fired”. Every voter has the power to contribute to their firing. Do not forget what these cowardly republicans have done. Next time they ask you for your vote, don’t give it to them.

    2. @Alan aka FANG Read what small town girl wrote. She said “the people who voted him in”. That doesn’t mean that she personally did, but she is still a voter who his is supposed to represent. omg you can’t think logically,

    3. @JB upholding the Constitution is representing you .. but you people fail to understand that.
      You would rather keep swallowing the hate installed in your by the Media, while denying the facts about your own party members even when they are put before your very own eyes. 🙄✌️

    4. @JB representatives represent the state the way their voters want them to. Democrats are not the republicans’ voters. Republicans didn’t win by representing democrat visions. Therefore they may represent your state, but not necessarily yourself.

      TL;DR: You are the one whose logic has failed.

    1. Many of them have been doing this crap for as long as I can remember. The GOP has been charging down this path sense Reagan.

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