Jake Tapper’s New Thriller Looks Into Sinatra And The Rat Pack | MSNBC

Jake Tapper's New Thriller Looks Into Sinatra And The Rat Pack | MSNBC 1


    1. @Soren Ingram
      My father was a horn player for Dorsey back when.. He also had stories about how they were made virtually slaves by his contracts.

      Travelling bands were a rough way to make a living despite the glamorous lifestyles of their leaders.

  1. Thank you Jake for that sound advice. We all know Gym Jordan is running for the chance to yell the whole time and make everyone uncomfortable

    1. Gym is so horrible, it makes me think…he has a district where the majority of people support him. Now, this could be because of gerrymandering. (Even CA has Republican representatives, however, an independent entity impartially draws the district lines, so it’s fair).

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  3. When you’re already rich, getting richer is easy. People in the media, sports, movies, music…… crossover, parlay, leverage BAM you got more BLING.

  4. all republicans who vote against this bill must have some thing to hide, like their involvement in the planning of the insurrection!.

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  6. Don’t know if it’s still going on, but about 13 years ago you could rent Sinatra’s home, maintained in the old style, and still containing a built in wall of recording and audio gear from the period. Swankarooney, for about 4 grand a night.

  7. Liz Cheney would still be “kissing the ring “but since events directly affect her she suddenly has morals.

    1. A great read, and true story, about the mob, Sinatra, JFK, Bugsy Siegal, et al: The Last Mafioso, by Ovid Demaris.

  8. I think we are lined up to see another obstruction event. I can’t wait to see how ludicrous half of the committee gets.

  9. 😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣 that is the WORLD STILL LAUGHING AT US.

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