1. This made me so HAPPY! Engel was tired..New York deserves better than him! Bowman is going to be great for New York!! Congrats Bowman and New York! I see great things coming for NY!

    1. @Veronica Valencia Unfortunately, our governor in Arkansas has required masks. My father went to law school with him. Asa Hutchinson. He was known for being a moron. Rest assured he will not be elected to a Dog Catcher position after his stupid decision.

    2. Dave Schultz You’re probably a narcissist. Your neighbor shot, and potentially killed 2 people, and you all had a good laugh over it?

    1. Politicians generally become more and useless as time goes by, they should be limited to about 6 years, all of them Them Judges too, they shouldn’t be there more than 12 years.

  2. See folks, don’t know the man.
    It all starts with you and only you.
    There is nothing stopping you other than yourself.

  3. Notice for a leftwing (needs of the many’) pol how complicated answers must be! Yet a rightwing (privilege/few) politician or speaker can lie like a trump and blah blah! stupido) without any worry. . Was

    1. Don’t grow complacent because of the polls. Trump and his accomplices will use every trick they know to rig the elections in their favor. Make sure you’re registered, don’t give them an excuse to deny you your right to Vote (Such as not having paid a transit infraction or something), vote early. Save your great nation, Americans. Greetings from Mexico.

  4. These people….yeah Engel was in office for 16 years. In which Congress accomplished nothing for 10 of them. Not hard to understand why this “long shot” won.

  5. Congratulations Jamaal Bowman, I pray that GOD continue to guide, bless and protect you and your family 🙏🙏🙏♥️

  6. He doesn’t live in my state and I’m excited for him! The progressive movement is growing whether the MSM or centrist dems like it or not. The progressive movement has other leaders than just Senator Sanders. More progressive wins will becoming! MSNBC needs more progressive voices instead of always catering to Never Trump Republicans.

  7. I’m glad he defeated an establishment Dem, but I hope he stands for America and not just the Dem party line!!!

    1. Progressives are tired of the Democratic party, they aren’t organized and take forever to get anything done. He’s a good man who will do great things.

  8. Engel had 16 terms, that’s ridiculous, we need term limits for every politician, Dem or GOP or independent.

    1. @Len Black Well, then what are you? The solution? You tell me what the problem is. Then you tell me what the solution is. Geography has consequences. We’re linked together. So, what is the problem? What is the solution?

  9. This is the second interview I’ve seen with Mr. Bowman. He is wonderful! Smart, emotionally warm, humble and confident at the same time. I think he will provide the kind of leadership our country needs.

    1. More Christians swarm to the DNC since we kicked you out. You were ever only a tool for Reagan. You’re tools now. Grow up. God needs adults to run this world.

  10. Being a teacher myself, and knowing some issues that students deal with, it’s nice to see someone like him trying to help the youth. Hope his efforts aren’t hampered if he wins the elections.

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