Jamaica Labour Party MP - Floyd Green | TVJ All Angles - Sept 15 2021 1

Jamaica Labour Party MP – Floyd Green | TVJ All Angles – Sept 15 2021


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  1. A resignation is not enough. As a Jamaican, if that was me, I would have faced the full extent of the law which includes being charged and fined.

  2. If he wasn’t exposed he would still be going about with his daily living which is fighting against his brothers and sisters of this country. How much more of this can we take to see our leaders behaving like children. Are these the people we elected to serve us and this country. This is more than an embarrassment l.

    1. Just like million of Jamaican who done the same parting across Jamaica and wipe them month because the promote pay off the area police across Jamaica we done our research too so don’t be a hypocrite talking like a chatting parrots

    2. They weren’t wining on each other like I have see across the country so do take it in a bad way this is just a breached not a corruption so him can be fine and him didn’t need to resign for nothing point said thank you ChatBBout Boss endorsement

    3. That is you PNP views it taken but is breached doesn’t warrant a resignation so don’t be stupid or I must say you’re all full of stupidity to agree to such act , too bad mind the man is the most brightest star in parliament on the youthfulness at this point of time a future prime Minister ,none of you can’t stop this man so keep talking .like parrots

  3. I’m happy he took full responsibility and resign. Hoping he will learn a lesson from this, work on his weakness and will return to politics at some other time.

    1. Look at his hand forming the pyramid sign every chance he gets. Notice goulding to him caan stop give the hand signal. Them all good enuh dem caan bruk again. D govament nah guh stop pressure wi jus watch. Cuz all we doing is pure chatting and no action behind it, dem dont fear us it seem like is we d ppl fear dem

  4. Everyone is always sorry whenever they are caught in the act of doing wrong. Therefore ,he is not really sorry for having flaunted the covid 19 protocol of the government ,of which he is a member , but he is in really only sorry for the fact that he was caught in the act and exposed for his hypocrisy, contempt for the people and boorishly poor judgement.

  5. This only show that we had incompetent elected members of parliament misrepresenting the people of jamaica with their big speech and false promises..

  6. Disgraceful; individuals in responsible positions must lead by example. I am disappointed as I have been following his career as a young man.

  7. This man is taking full responsibility for his action and my level of respect just went out the roof.

    I rarely see that in Jamaican politicians!

    1. I have 0 respect for polictians who conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner. All those people who were partying should have been charged.

    2. More like a PR move to me.
      Seems to me that he got in front of the camera and pretended he was sorry for what he did, when what he’s actually sorry about is getting caught.

  8. Bad company will do that to you Mr. Green, I am sure your parents warn you about bad company and what it will do to you, bring you down to shame and disgrace

    1. Is he a child or a grown man?
      If he’s so easily led by others when it involves something as important as a deadly virus that’s causing a lot of suffering on the island, then he’s not fit to be in a leadership position.
      When it really matters, leaders lead not follow.

    2. Bird of a feather flock together, he sorry because he was caught . The politicians take jamaican people for a fool. If it was a ordinary citizen, he would be fine . There can’t be two different set a rules, one for the rich and one for rich.

  9. Well… Who no party with their friends since covid started? Few. Nevertheless, shameful for a MP to do that and he should be charged and fine because that is the stupid law.

    1. Utterly disgraceful. I have 0 respect for politicians who violate the laws and breach the protocols. I hope he gets charged soon…

  10. I’m deeply sorry that this had happened. I really like Mr. Green a simple , humble and honest man. Mr Green redeemed yourself and come again . Seek he first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything will be added. My point is he would not have been there at the party he would be leading by example . I hope this will be a good lesson for others to follow . Every action can have a reaction . God bless you richly.

  11. Still trying to ascertain why Mr. Green and all those involved in the planning of the party were not charged. I am pretty sure the prime minister was aware of this and strongly suspect would allow this to continue until the public called them out (as it usually does whenever the MPs do something that is obviously wrong in order for them to acknowledge and confess it). They have clearly violated the law and embarrassed us all…

  12. They will resign from one job but fall into another. They will still have a job but in a different department. Don’t be fooled.

  13. Eerily this reminds me of that scene from GEORGE ORWELL’S ANIMAL FARM where the other animals were watching the pigs through the window drinking and behaving just live the humans they had come to detest. In the end the pigs had written “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS “. How befitting!

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