Jamaica News Headlines | TVJ News - March 11 2021 1

Jamaica News Headlines | TVJ News – March 11 2021


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  1. Why is the government is not setting an example for the public by taking the vaccine first? If the vaccine is effective, Why people who have taken the vaccine still have to wear mask? And why the members of parliament and Andrew Holness are waiting until I month before taking the vaccine?

    1. The answer to the question is, they are not sure if the vaccine is good, so watch ya now,mel wi si how much poor people it kill first then if no one dies then Andrew and the rest of parliamentarians will take it

    2. I Tate the vaxine 16january I still wear mask on buses in shops and mall and when I meet people to protect my self I love in London we are still in lock down

    1. Yuh madbro god a si if it good first!!I’m willing to take the vaccine after bro God tek him dose of him product and gift

    1. @Marlon Meredith that I see but I refuse to accept defeat until I’m dead in my grave, but while I’m alive I’ll never stop fighting for my rights

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