Jamaica on High Alert for African Swine Flu | TVJ Smile Jamaica

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  1. There is much more to this than that man is saying. Jamaicans, please do not eat any imported pork until that disease is over. Dr. Watson, tell the people the truth.

    1. African swine fever only affects pigs . It can’t be passed onto humans. People are probably eating pigs infected with the swine fever. Even if they do it wont affect them

  2. What jamaicans need to do is start buying up food and store them because soon there won’t be much. I had that dream last year or early this year seeing a man standing ona hill calling out saying Come! Come! Come now! There won’t be much food available. The man dressed like a butcher in an apron or a farmer. Until this day that dream in my mind and especially now seeing what’s happening. Buy your meats and freeze them. See bill gates buying up land and telling the farmers to get rid of their crops. So maybe he will start to grow lab meat for people. Who knows what plans these globalists have in store for the human race.

    1. So how much meat can Jamaicans buy and store for the famine especially when we don’t know how long it will last, Jamaicans need to come in repentance and seek Jesus.

  3. The disease has not been in the Caribbean for decades…how did it entered the Dominican Republic. This could have come into the islands via the feeds, since most of the feeds has been made up of parts of animals.

    Mad cow disease is a prime example.

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