Jamaica Roadways: Engineering a Youth Perspective - October 12 2020 1

Jamaica Roadways: Engineering a Youth Perspective – October 12 2020


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  1. Building a roadways without proper water drainage the roads become the water drains build the road to withstand the water flow

  2. I’m a jamaican living in the Netherlands, I think Jamaica needs to send a team of young people over here to study about road and other things because trust me these people very good at these things

  3. “Low maintenance by users” so does that mean…the users should maintain the road by keep it clean or do they mean the users should patch the holes lol? Government is supposed to be tasked with road maintenance period.

  4. They know nothing about road fixing they know how to waste scarce resources it seems has if they only do theory not practical it over years Marcusgarvy drive having been giving problems with no fix it once and for all.

  5. She is not answering the question correctly, the reason why the highway does not easily destroyed in comparison to other roadways is that the highway is built with far thicker wearing coarse so as to reduce maintenance costs. Also Jamaica is surrounded by water, therefore our roadway experience a lot of capillary action ( upward movement of water through soil) therefore if the subgrade of the road is not properly given adequate drainage the subgrade is going to fail, remember the subgrade is what forms the foundation of the pavement and if it fail then the road is going to fail as well.

  6. First of all get this guy Steven Shaw out off work agency…and stop use tar and sand and those little 1 feet water drain just can’t work common sense. So much places we can replicate how to do and maintain roads way it’s a joke

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