Jamaica Sees Shocking 328 New Covid Cases in 24hrs. - February 6 2021 1

Jamaica Sees Shocking 328 New Covid Cases in 24hrs. – February 6 2021


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    1. @Twelve 12 am telling u these people are crazy them go party just the same live them life just the same all when people around them a dead like fly them still nah change….smh….sad world

    2. This is like, am I my brother’s keeper, there is no concern for your fellow neighbors, because you don’t even care about yourself first, wickedness

  1. Some people them too unruly..day party night party etc ,,,when there was 4 new case they lock down with tight restrictions and now 16,000 and they have less restrictions kmt..the mats nuh add up.

    1. @Shambalee Webley but must ,because the maths nuh added up,,and it seems like nobody dont have regular flu again.

  2. There is Almost 200 savage n horrible death including children’s n old people with pictures happen by the crime virus

  3. Close the airport simply Jamaica love money too much a money cause this eno stop letting people in the country

  4. Unu stop unu lies y’all getting ridiculous there’s not that many cases daily kmt a the vaccine them wahh bring in fi kill we off

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