Jamaica Surpasses 1 Million Vaccine Jabs – Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy | TVJ News – Nov 7 2021

Jamaica Surpasses 1 Million Vaccine Jabs - Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy | TVJ News - Nov 7 2021 1


    1. @JamIsland CarShow So governments and media around the world conspire to poison 7 billon people with Graphene oxide spike protein toxic human fetus?

    2. @Henri George they want to kill half the peoples in every country. Not every one stupid they can’t kill all

    3. @JamIsland CarShow We can have a debate but don’t call me stupid!
      What will they gain from killing half the people?

    4. @Henri George Am not calling you stupid. No debate my belly tells me it’s evil agenda u soon know on less u get deceive. All the best Brother take care 🙏🏾🔥

    1. Indeed excellent going house to house to kill the old people them u blind u can’t think. Pure evil evil demons agenda u will hear the results soon this is not going to hide 🐑🔥🔥⚡️🔥🔥⚡️🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    2. @JamIsland CarShow well said 👏💯💯💯💯 there’s no long term study done on this AGENDA POISON…. these DEVILS 😈 IS after our immune system…most of these vaccinated people will have to live on the booster shot to stay alive…

  1. What about when the chip starts noh same way dem ago push ppi out a heaven in to hell cuz wen yu tek deh chip you are shut out caan seh masah God face

  2. Great news, if lying is what you need to do to leave the unvaccinated alone then go right ahead. It shows unu under pressure to get the numbers up.

  3. Who want to take it it’s their business but don’t try to force people to take it and it’s time for this Vaccine thing to end now this a gawn too long.

    1. @ShankyDizzle I hope your mother took it and family too. You should be encouraged by others to do what’s right and beneficial.

    2. @Raimundo Iefan Fantástico satan leave God peoples alone
      U confuse you demons a ride u go to hell hell hell with u satanic agenda

    3. @JamIsland CarShow Are you saying you’re going to hell? Be careful what you wish for because it may likely come true…

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    4. What i cant understand, if 1M people vaccinated. How is it that the PM saying thats 13% of the population vaccinated?
      Jamaica popultion is how big so?
      Them know who they can fool. We wah make money to for school and personal business. The time they are using for vaccination drive, that the time they should use to drive the failing economy

  5. Anytime God cannot protect me, then it’s time for me to leave earth God alone me trust inna Babylon yuh can trick those who are weak in their minds and their faith but me nah bow me prefer walk barefoot than bow Fe a shoes

  6. It come like somebody a threaten Andrew holdness make him a pressure we so..look like him under pressure..probably if we no take it him ago sacrifice..am jus saying

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