Jamaica Top Female Sprinters ‘Not Appreciated Nothing Nuh Go So’ | TVJ Sports Commentary

Jamaica Top Female Sprinters 'Not Appreciated Nothing Nuh Go So' | TVJ Sports Commentary 1


  1. Did you see the World Championship Banner? While it technically doesn’t matter that they weren’t featured in the “middle” of the banner like the main star should be, it shows a lower level of appreciation than if they were Americans. And don’t tell me the American athlete is featured more prominently because it’s being held in the US. It’s not an American event. It’s a World event.

  2. The Jamaican Men broke the 100M, 200M, and the 4x100M World records. So its expected from the Local, and Global fanbase, that the Jamaican Women should do the same.

  3. They’ve been the center of attention for years and they make millions of dollars….give me a break. Stop whining…

  4. Maverick it is your right to disagree with MJ but in my view he is right. Where is the rating and respect you and other local sports journalists are claiming to be accorded to these illustrious athletes?.
    We in the Caribbean MUST recognize that our view tend to be different from wolrd view.
    World Athletics events are about money and while our athletes are indeed of world class calibre, people of larger countries with larger economies will seek to place the spotlight on there athletes that can be easily identifiable in their markets.
    Sir it about economics and the economy of scales, simple.
    Usain Bolt is exceptional, he is phenomenal and world accepted him.
    Sir, I am in agreement with Mr. Michael Johnson, our female athletes are not given the respect that they deserved.

  5. You don’t get what Micheal was saying…! I totally agree with Michael Elaine and Shelly should be bigger on the world stage…!

  6. I think Micheal meant more of giving them deals and ads ect…..Look at what they gave sha’carri , she was in so many ads ect and she wasn’t even performing like Elaine and Shelly .

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