Jamaican Braveheart: Mr. Powe - Why He Did It 1

Jamaican Braveheart: Mr. Powe – Why He Did It


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  1. Craig Powe is a boss I would work with anyday of the week. He cares about his employees and he’s not anti-vaxxer.

    1. @Modest Nation ….. 99.4% of infected recover from the vi rus. .Anyone of our people who trust what these heathens tells us…need to have their heads looked at.

    2. @Brandon Denver exactly that’s what I’m trying to tell my father
      Because he’s a lawyer he think he must take it

  2. Y people keep asking how much them pay him? He’s not the only man who has this issue he’s just the only man talking about it

  3. I always known u were lying and the story was all fake,How much did the politicians payed u sir? Uno cyah fool wi unu tink uno smart enuh kill uno dead.

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