Jamaican Church Leaders Unhappy with New Covid-19 Measures | TVJ New - June 6 2021 1

Jamaican Church Leaders Unhappy with New Covid-19 Measures | TVJ New – June 6 2021


Dissatisfied; The reaction this evening from some church leaders to the new 50 member limit for churches across the island of Jamaica.

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  1. It is well Pastor Kellier… the church is suffering violent a long time but the violence is taking it by force

  2. He don’t care about god money him want. when people go church pm not making money off that .because hotel full a people . Jamaican go hotels now to party with people from all over the world then them come back in our population .sir pm I think u need to stop lying to us u don’t care about us u just care about ur self on ur rich friends them .this is just a game for u .but I know God is real and u will get what u looking for don’t u ever play with God and his people .

    1. The government needs to start taxing these churches, these preachers are scammers frauds and thief they control peoples through fear bullying and brainwashing it’s a pity there’s not a hell for them to burn in!

  3. Well the Lord kno how 2 work fruit n your spirit wish patience is virtual The lord is good he rain on just as unjust….He is in control

  4. The man want greater leverage , you hear the money before he said it. That’s all these pastors concern about.

  5. The blood of jesus against u pastor talking about vaccines i go take it…..why are u tell us to ……we don’t want no vaccine…….

  6. He needs to up the Sunday curfew time from 2pm to even 4pm… the churches would really appreciate the extra 2 hours

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