Jamaican cop kills wife’s family, commits suicide


jamaican_cop_wayne_llewelynKINGSTON, Jamaica, Fiday April 8, 2011 – A police officer whose marital problems apparently pushed him over the edge, yesterday shot his estranged wife, her parents, her daughter and her brother before turning the gun on himself.

Dead are Corporal Wayne Llewellyn, his 16-year-old stepdaughter Jorjhan Flynn; mother-in-law Rachel Brown, 79; father-in-law Voldy Brown, 73; and brother-in- law, Fitzroy Townsend. His 40-year-old wife, Joan,is in critical condition.

The St Mary community where the family lived was left in shock after the cop’s rampage.

Local media reports indicate that Corporal Llewellyn had been recently transferred from St. Mary to Manchester and his wife and stepdaughter moved with him. However, when the marriage soured, the mother took her daughter and returned to St Mary to live with her parents.

She had reportedly been in the process of filing for a divorce.

Police say Llewellyn went into the wife’s family house just after 6 am yesterday and shot his father-in-law and mother-in-law first and then turned on the brother-in-law who had tried to escape. He then shot his stepdaughter in her bedroom before going into his wife’s room and shooting her as well.

After opening fire on everyone in that house, he went to a nearby residence where more of his wife’s relatives lived. However, they refused to let him in and he shot himself in the head as he stood on their patio.

Soon after the news spread of the tragedy, Llewellyn’s Facebook page was flooded with comments from friends and citizens expressing shock, extending sympathy to his family, questioning what could have driven him to commit such a horrible crime, and others clearly outraged at his actions.

One of Llewellyn’s children from a previous relationship wrote on his wall: “Mi knw u cyan see this but daddy…Jus like dat daddy? jus suh…Unt even think bout the ppl u did ago affect wen u do this??”

Meantime, counsellors had to be called in to help Flynn’s former classmates cope with the news of her death.

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