Jamaican Cops Investigating Missing Vial of Vaccine - March 22 2021 1

Jamaican Cops Investigating Missing Vial of Vaccine – March 22 2021


Investigators from the Jamaica Constabulary Force have been assigned to assist health authorities at the Cornwall Regional Hospital to probe the mysterious disappearance of a vial of covid19 vaccine.

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0:00 – Introduction

0:10 – Police Investigate Missing Vaccine in Jamaica
5:04 – Immobile Elderly Vaccination
7:43 – Curfew Hours for Easter Weekend


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    1. No it no look so, we ago tek the vaccine to prevent getting this virus and after that we go get a bullet ina we head from the criminals

  1. Really Children need more love attention respect blessings food. Teaching about how tell TellEvery time not ever keep secret love them bless

  2. I never see a testing center hospital short a bed long time so we want to know where those num is coming from

  3. I allegedly believe Mr holdness sell him soul why can’t church have more people but race horse can run cash pot shop can have crowd but if you don’t mind sharp church must have only the preacher

  4. This makes absolutely no sense. If a person is vaccinated, shouldn’t they have immunity even for a period of time? Why should they have to quarantine for 14 instead of 4 days? If you’re not infected how can you be a transmitter?

    1. I have nothing to say about this man the Jamaican people are the one who put him back in power so anything then get them take..

  5. Lord have mercy upon us, church doors lock and bars open, dis yah so call prime Minister need prayers where is his thought process. Oh well Jamaicans of you all cannot see we are living in the last days and this is one of the plagues the Bible talk about, it’s look up time, no prime Minister can and will be able to save us.

    1. You all can pray at home bar a them church .jesus cant save you only yahweh can save you you all going to church and praying to jesus the devil. That why things wont get better .

    2. For this virus is be slow down all of us only needs to follow the rules,some of us is selfish and disrespectful

  6. Beach should be lock down long time the hole place should lock down if the church can’t keep the bar should lock

  7. They are the ones cutting the grill at the store, you need to interrogate them to lead you to the others,

  8. Why this bredda avoiding the crime rates. All I heard is covid conferences being kept. Can u improve the prison systems so that there can be some education or productive rehabilitation for those who get locked up? Can u reform the security forces so that Jamaican people can start trust them again? Can u at least make them start tracking phones so we can find missing persons a little faster? Please

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