Jamaican Family Torn Apart by Crime | TVJ News - Nov 17 2021 1

Jamaican Family Torn Apart by Crime | TVJ News – Nov 17 2021


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  1. Check into his job to see who would benefit the most from his death or check into where he worked to see if maybe criminals were trying to use him for wrong doing but he refused.

  2. The Prime minister was the one who told the citizens they could sleep with their doors open. They should go find him & charge him for this particular criminal incident.

  3. The truth will come out the police will investigate! For if this man is what is sister is say he would be alive today, there’s lot more to come.

  4. Mr Andrew Holness, is crime you must put more of your interest in, and stop tell people about vaccine!!!!! Tackle crime sir please be meaningful in our country please sir Andrew Holness please

  5. Condolences to the family but something nuh sound right🤔.. if that’s a target hit he is definitely mixed with the wrong company or his past came back from him..

  6. 100 Years in prison for anyone caught with an illegal weapon and found guilty of murder or theft 200 years without bail or parole !!!

  7. Smaddy want dis bredda ya DEAD,,,him fi get promotion or him get it already an smaddy bex or mi naa rule out family members neither,,,a wonda if him ina di will fi piece of property or smaddy tell a dreadful lie pan him or Crime of Passion be it man or woman,,,mi sey dere is a reason

  8. Bro God just hope you a watch an see what Jamaica people them a face, you site down inna parliament an not doing a thing about crime in the country

  9. I too lost everything trying to contact prime minister they don’t care who they kill I was fortunate to get away so sorry life is hard .

  10. It is time the Jamaican government fight criminals and leave the unvaccinated alone.they worry too much about COVID-19.

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