Jamaican Funeral Home Bursting at the Seams with Covid Bodies | TVJ News - August 31 2021 1

Jamaican Funeral Home Bursting at the Seams with Covid Bodies | TVJ News – August 31 2021


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  1. How can the virus slow down when immense bundling is happening at the supermarkets, at the vaccination centres and parties are still being kept? This is profoundly absurd!

    1. @Monica Appleby yes yes my sister that my 30,days of DECLARATION. Psalm 6,10,there is going to be a suddenly.thank you sweet Jesus the mightiest God is going to suddenly transform this Delta into. Dettol in the mighty name of Jesus christ of Nazareth 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    2. @RITA LYN there’s a few in this world that will no give up on God and He will never never let evil over come his poeple 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    3. @Monica Appleby He gave it to me on Sunday my first day of fasting. For all the children that will be going back and some is already in schools. God bless you and your family..conformation 👏📖🙏🛐🔥

    1. Here in Germany the covid bodies get a special treatment of desinfection and than don’t have to be cremated. But most families choose cremation.

    2. @Tamika Morgan Yah, that was in the beginning, the first weeks it was cold weather here in Europe & there were so many covid bodies, that it was impossible to burry them all. So they had to take hundreds bodies on army trucks out of town by night & to cremation. That was terrible for their families of course, no “good buy” 😓😷😭

    1. That’s the same thing I was saying….we are not living in normal times…. cremation is the way to go right now because people can’t bury their love ones the way that they would like to…….sad times.

    1. @NavieDaBoss dude why you don’t follow the local news back in 2020 the government stated that there will be no autopsy done on these body once it covid related and then it turned in to no autopsies for all deaths

    2. @garnett smith At the moment I would feel safer with a carpenter than a doctor when it comes to treating covid.

  2. How stupid,fe all the people a dead, me would like to know what’s going on,people dying because of lack of KNOWLEDGE.
    Jamaica have so many herbal medicine and it’s not been utilized.
    I hope this is a lesson for all of us.GO EAT HEALTHY AND BUILD UP YOUR EMUNE SYSTEM TO FIGHT OFF DESAE

    1. I don’t believe a single word from the media. I only tune in to see how much fertilizer I could put on my garden.

    2. Bredda weah dem ago put suh much dead body what happens next when it’s full cause anything them do the virus gonna spread

    3. That’s true because shortly when the media tells you we have 100 Covid deaths trust me the actual numbers are going to be 200-300 Covid deaths

    1. Most people who work in the morgue dont like people know where them work because of scorn some even hear people say duppy a follow dem..now in covid they are even more sketchy about it. I mean the first response from you was suspicious..u think u are the first? Believe what you want. Is just belief.

    2. @rad dishI would agree but everyone wearing mask now and protective clothing. You notice the other workers were captured in the footage.

  3. They all need to just cremate at the all the bodies that causes from covid-19 storing bodies doesn’t make sense just do Cremations

  4. Have heard from over a week now that Honeyghan funeral home had no space for dead and had to order another fridge from overseas ..now we heard it from the horses mouth maybe the others will soon have to do the same hope it not its terrible smh

  5. Andrew just came on tv and literally treatment to keep locking down the country until evenyone take the vaccine

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