Jamaican Gangs Recruiting Women | Kings Valley Gang Members Charged | TVJ News - May 17 2021 1

Jamaican Gangs Recruiting Women | Kings Valley Gang Members Charged | TVJ News – May 17 2021


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  1. So are they going to be let go again?
    You lawmen are jokers. Any one found with illegal gun unless it’s a farmer or business personnels trying to protect their interests should be jailed without parole.

  2. Females have always been recruite since 70s as the mister of sports and Ms P that a nothing new

  3. The police officers them is behaving so erratic like they don’t know that some of those boys is,working for the politicians them. That is how a lot of the guns them coming into the country for decades, by the business people them. Bringing some of those guns , up by Farm from in the 1970s and 80s. There is a certain mp for that areas, useto issues guns to fight pnp party supporters them. This is nothing new at all, you are young police officers, so all those things you don’t know at all. We know all the bad areas in Clarendon, where during the election campaign times. There are certain politicians brought in bad guys from Kingston to fight with the pnp supporters them,it is happening for decades and. After the election campaign is over, all who don’t Bringing in their guns . Their names was turned over to the police officers and, some of those bad boys using .The same guns and started to robbing people, also killing them. This kind of thing is going on for decades now, because most of the police officers them is young. They does not know about those things, I remembered in 1976 .The government haveto send special squad of police officers to deal, with some of those bad boys . The thing in Jamaica is not going to change at all, unless the politicians them stop giving out guns, also the business people stop carrying the guns them into those containers.

    1. Most Jamns politicians, r involves in gangs. Michael Manley gives out a lot of guns to young ppl in the early to fight so he could win Elections. Seaga have his gangs, Mama P, & the list goes on until today. So is not only 1party, both PNP & JLP give out guns & fight against each others

    2. @A Williams I have said from the very early 70’s, that when politicians start to get shot and killed. That’s when the gun think will be cured. That’s when politicians will leave the Security Forces to do their jobs. Politicians use to even let Jamaica’s biggest Ganja Dealer export Weed like Canned Food. The biggest Trucking Business. And Farming too. Ok

    3. Don’t forget the fishermen, ppl at wharf, scammers, & di ja’can terrorist dem abroad that continue to add to the further demise of the country by bringing in guns.

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