Jamaican Gov't Handling of the Pandemic Decline Significantly | TVJ News 1

Jamaican Gov’t Handling of the Pandemic Decline Significantly | TVJ News


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  1. Well I like2 kno was the Entertaining people complaining or jus party people …Well u kno Adam point fingers Becuase he kno he was wrong ..Jus like the government They pointing fingers …He said If the rigthous be in authority people rejoice ,but if the wicked in authority people moan…Good work Governor People need2 rest God Rested on seven day…

  2. Tyranny buju seh and dem laugh..now buju a laugh after unuh…look pon the poor craft vendors…not one bus dem bring so them can get two sale..kmt…but hey…yall really forget that jlp is only for the rich??? How quickly we forget..black people love hype too much thats why unuh ever get trick…one likkel clarks and everybody a jump up…kmt..

    1. @EVERSAW HARDROCK yup thats why the politricktions keep them illiterate and poor so them easier to control

    2. As A Youth Growing Up! Uptown People Seh Dread Have 40 Leg In A Him Head Etc.
      Today All Of Them A Rob The Dread ( RASTA ) Legacy, Not To Mention Ganja / Farming / MUSIC Etc.

  3. We Need Smart Confident / Trustworthy Persons In Leadership Not Experiments, The Jamaican Product Is Being Wasted / Sold Out / Weakened For Overseas Interest. The Jamaican Product Is Worth Way More Money Internationally & That Is Their Mission
    SELL OUT For Personal Interests.

  4. I don’t believe anything any of you say that’s what you guys get paid to spread falls information if you only go up town no one will tell you that the lockdown is affecting them but am sure if was in the lesser community you would hear a lot different

  5. Lol hey boy Dan! Sym see all the one TVJ to! Smh cause mi sure u nu go ina the Getto/garrison. Fi see an feel wat we really going true with this government!!!…u interview u up town friend dem weh ntn na bada dem! An cum chat bout dis an dat

  6. More Jamaican rate the handling …. your own youtube comments say different so i guess that poll is like the government lie and corrupted i lost confidence in the government handling when they open back the country for the first time.

  7. No tax on food for the people and free healthcare and free education from high school to first degree and no tax on building materials these are the only things that needs to be made mandatory.

  8. Come on, come on, it’s the die hearted LABOURITES who rates Holness…there are the ones who says the JLP is doing well,so cut the nonsense.

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