Jamaican Gun Wedding Police Posing with Weapons | TVJ News - April 26 2021 1

Jamaican Gun Wedding Police Posing with Weapons | TVJ News – April 26 2021


Tjhe inspectorate and the professional standards oversight bureau is investigating the origin of a photo involving two members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force carrying high-powered weapons at a wedding reception in St. James.

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  1. What kind of investigation u need to do they know who they are
    question they need to ask is why was a gun sign out to showcase at a wedding
    why would they need two guns at there wedding what sort of message are they sending out
    What sort of a joke thing is this everyday in Jamaica people is dying from hun and two police a post with gun and they are not on duty kmt slackness

  2. they looķ so beautiful im loving it
    people what the fuss about they are cops its their duty to carry guns two responsible adults posing with guns at their wedding should show positive vybz not the negativity people talking about
    that pic shoud go on every platform it shows the future of jamaican families is protected

    1. Malachi are you serious that’s endangering other people’s lives suppose it went off and injured the guest then you’d be singing a different song think my friend everyone already know that he’s a cop and he’s also baiting up the both of them lives.

    2. Positive vybz you say how come we are living in the wild wild west Jamaican is so out of touch with reality that’s why the world have to say Jamaica is not a real place so is the people

    3. If they wanted to show case their duties as police officers then wear their uniforms and get married NOT GUN, this picture and their Behaviour is beyond stupid. Absolutely no excuses for this picture to be posted and be proud of it!

    4. Much ado about nothing. Suppose no one had posted the video. Would it still be a big deal. Because they would have still done it. We just wouldn’t know. Police administration need to find real work to do

    1. Lock up an fired they are gunman what is going on in jamaica lord help us from these gunman this is not no police help help

  3. Me don’t see why dem have problem with this couple just the new style or married dem don’t shoot no one just sweep under that under the carpet like others do

  4. Come on Tv J this is not a nude picture why were you guys hiding the photo to begin with? This was not your discovery your late!

  5. Just last week George beat up him wife who is talking? they can only be charged internally
    It’s not something I would do though

  6. They was just doing something different and unusual this is blowing out of proportion man no one would have a problem if it had not gone viral plus they were supervised look there were other cops there this just messed up congrats guys let no one steal your joy

    1. Something just wrong about this wedding , these guys displaying guns at their wedding what far very stupid premature planning for a wedding

    2. Kadean Skyers you should a shame a uself bout u a defend slackness….you love alms-house. “STOP IT”!!


  7. There is never a dull moment in Ja. There is absolutely no limit to the things that happens here.

  8. “Something is missing “DUBBLE suside, That what’s missing”.mill themselves in the name of love”.

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