Jamaican in Canada & Covid Survivor | TVJ All Angles - Sept 8 2021 1

Jamaican in Canada & Covid Survivor | TVJ All Angles – Sept 8 2021


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  1. Mi want the Jamaivan Doctors and nurse see the postion they put this man, cause out here they love people on their back, theh shojld be in a proning position if not,laying on ur back will not help the breathing issue,,smdh

  2. I caught covid 5 times and none of that happened to mi suh it’s like covid chose who to really mess up… I think genes have a lot to do with how covid deal with you

    1. Have you been tested all five times? How weak is your immune system if you get run over by the same virus 5 time? You would not still be alive?

    2. @omarnumbawan 3 out of the 5 times and it could have been a reoccurrence which scientists are now discovering that some people have prolonged symptoms… but I get on flights regular so plus live in a house with someone who takes care of these people regular.. right now I’m going with the tides caz I don’t know for sure what this virus is..

      Also if you do research you’ll see where after being vaccinated it only protects you for 6 months that’s why boaster shots are recommended.. I was just not that I’ll to seek urgent care so it affect everyone differently

    3. @shadane ferraro
      This virus can overcome a person’s host immunity and cause a second infection,” Dr. Esper says. “Reports indicate that vaccination provides longer protection than natural infection.”

      He’s referencing a study that shows that unvaccinated people are 2.34 times more likely to be reinfected with COVID-19 than those who are fully vaccinated — which drives home the importance of being vaccinated, even if you’ve already had the virus.

      “Almost all the cases that we’re seeing right now are people who have not been vaccinated,” he says. So you not being vaccinated is most likely why you keep getting infected. Just stay safe please.

    4. @shadane ferraro so you had all these things done to you, but ” I’m okay, I never had any symptoms and nothing never do me and I had covid 5 times” RIGHT… SMFH , Lady get your story right please and your so-called significant other… is some kind of MD and he’s also telling you that virus isn’t real and you don’t need to get vaccinated and you can travel all over this country with your INFECTIOUS self… right!!! You people are the absolute best

    5. @omarnumbawan while it may have been the flu, I am an ICU RN and there are many who contract the covid virus multiple times. Some has been admitted those multiple times because of the severity but there are others who have no severe symptoms. I am just writing this to say it can hit someone multiple times without causing much health problems. I do not know if this person only had the flu because the flu is still here.

  3. When God has a purpose on your life the devil has nothing against you, use this experience to minister to others; God is truly amazing.. thank you God..

    1. I would love to get in touch with him to hear the rest of the story. I have the same exact scar on the same side of my face. And was put to sleep recently due to covid. I’m still trying to figure out what’s real and what’s fake. Being put to sleep is truly a scary situation. I also live in canada.

    2. Can you believe it. The first I’m hearing this story and to know how close to home it came. Oh my goodness. Let me tell you’ll God is to be praised however you want to uo do it but send up your share of the praises. Who else could it be. Hello when you have a praying family especially when mommy cries. Let me tell us all tears with meaning means way way more than what our month cam explain.

    3. You would be surprised how many people have been in the same situation. I too live in Ajax and went through a similar ordeal. I would like to speak to your cousin about it and hear the rest of his story.

  4. This is the power of God that brings us to tears every time we experience it, and every time we remember it. The power of Love unexplainable work of wonder.

    1. LOL, how about the power of science and doctors. I want to see this god heal a very sick covid patient with them not going to the hospital.

  5. These doctors need not to tell patients bout them ago dead its frightening and it may cause them to panic and die quicker

  6. God is always on the job ,my brother. Some people refuse to give him glory. But he is still God . Thank God for his grace and mercy !!

  7. My God what an experience he could have lost his life but God is letting us know he’s still in the healing business he can work wonders and do marvelous things let us not take this lightly

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