Jamaican Inmates Complain of Covid Spread - April 29 2021 1

Jamaican Inmates Complain of Covid Spread – April 29 2021


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  1. We are producing more criminals than we can housed, its full time this correctional system get up to speed.

  2. Prison did full long time before covic u guys to lie and wicked if parents did grow them pickney good prison would not be full

  3. Tell the prisoners that covid is out here too.Let them see what is happening in India they will understand

  4. A next part of the script that the government working from… cause prisoners deh one place and dem not getting visits and even if dm go court sure dem a make dm wear mask and court house no pack cause dm a social distance so who dem a fool now ….

  5. In these conditions y would i want to go to prison, are criminals learning nothing like freedom …

  6. Wait, schools could not put registry in place themselves as it relates to online classes? When schools had face to face , wasn’t there a roll call each day, what is the difference? Everything must seem so hard, everything government must implement? SMH.

  7. Everything going in to prison is warders bringing it in side there. First things on body can’t go were the prisoners is

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