Jamaican Journalist Michael Sharpe's Family & Friends Condemn Death Threats - April 22 2021 1

Jamaican Journalist Michael Sharpe’s Family & Friends Condemn Death Threats – April 22 2021


"Not what Michael would have wanted", the family and friends of Michael Sharpe are condemning reports of threats against the nurse who administered the AstraZeneca vaccine on the senior broadcaster.

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  1. Mi cyah understand why? people would want to threaten the nurse?…..Mr sharpe didn’t do is research on this EXPERIMENTAL vaccine ….is trust in this vax didn’t work…..he would still be alive…if he didn’t take it …

    1. @Floyd McKenzie He was hospitalized right after taking the vaccine. You do realize that the vaccines are experimental?

    2. @Tony W really…..if A happens then B happens it doesn’t mean A caused B…that’s the most basic principle examined when trying to establish causality! Yes, the medicines are new…that doesn’t mean the medicine caused his death! I cant believe I have to explain this to anyone over 12 years old! I’m assuming you’re an adult!

    3. @Nat Lew so…the majority of doctors around the world who I’ve heard speak on this matter think the vaccines are the best way forward
      ….but I should listen to someone on YouTube and take their advice above the many doctors who have spent lifetimes in medical study? Dont know about you but if I want legal advice I go to a lawyer, if I need medical advice I go to a doctor…however, if I’m looking entertainment at a children’s party I go look for a clown !

    4. @Floyd McKenzie I love the clapbacktake my foolish advice…save your breath.

      Too many LIQs in these YT streets who are drunk on the Kool-aid & logical reasoning coupled with common sense is not a part of their everyday discourse.

  2. But I thought if you have covid-19 you not supposed to take the jab until a couple months have passed? This is all too confusing.


  4. The wicked shall surely die( 2 times) unu flesh and soul ago perish….no mercy fi d wicked…dear all wicked leaders, scribes and Pharisees please take the vaccines all doses a wa unu bring in the island

  5. This is too fishy!!! If he had COVID why would he be given the vaccine??? You need to wait couple months before you can take it.
    I don’t blame the Nurse that administered the vaccine but this just not adding up.
    I had the COVID and I make an appointment to go get the Vaccine and they told me I cannot at this point even though a month had passed with me not having the Virus.

  6. Why blame the nurse she is doing her job who doing it must be prosecuted to the fullest of the law. My Jamaican people the Vaccine are safe i took it. RIP mr Sharpe you run the race

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