Jamaican Man Set Woman in Hanover on Fire | TVJ News - May 20 2021 1

Jamaican Man Set Woman in Hanover on Fire | TVJ News – May 20 2021


A major manhunt has been launched for a man believed to be responsible for setting his common-law wife and her business establishment on fire in Hanover. The woman remains hospitalized in critical condition when she is after escaping the burning building with the help of residents.

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  1. Tha bwoy deh fi set on fire also, eye for a eye, moses law mi work wid… politicians a beat gal and get away wid it, that’s the prime example…

  2. So if you don’t show us a picture of the individual how are we supposed to help to identify the person?????
    He doesn’t have to stay in Hanover, what of he’s in St. Ann or At. Thomas….. How would we know?????????????
    This is the worst part of the report

    1. Oh He’s coming, and He’ll be on time too.

      Wat a liiv an bambaie
      When the sky splits open and the whole world will see the Lamb upon His throne come fi conquer di Beast.

    1. Sigh can i tell u.most men dont respect and love women.guess they trying to kill we out they can be with their boyfriend.

    2. Sister those are not man dam a boy they have no love in there heart not even for there madda so how we expect them fi love a woman….. the police them fi cut off his balls…

  3. MERCY ALMIGHTY GOD I HOPE SHE LIVE , AND DECLARE THE WORD OF THE LORD. MATTHEW 15 vs 19 out of the heart proceeds evil thoughs, murder etc. Hope if couple had children they are given intervention . We have a voilence epidemic. Sad

  4. Some of these men nuh have no heart some a them want do as them like with you n you can’t say anything

  5. Jah know and no one tries to help… Even to knock out the man with a stone, or something smh.

  6. Only a crazy! Disturbed man behave this way. This is a criminal act he needs to be locked away. She probably told him she was leaving him. He’s nuts!

  7. The same treatment should return to this man for doing the lady like that, I am really disgusted by what’s going on in our country all this non sense is unacceptable. They need to find this Monster ASAP !!!.

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