Jamaican Mother in Pain Over loss of 17 yr Old Daughter | TVJ News - March 1 2021 1

Jamaican Mother in Pain Over loss of 17 yr Old Daughter | TVJ News – March 1 2021


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  1. All hospitals are the same in Jamaica. I sat at kph washing people suffering for hours .one doctor

    1. Too much slackness a gwan ya man 2 much 2 much smbh sorry for ur lost loved one my Condolences to the family

    2. If Jamaica don’t have enough doctors why not hire from other islands or overseas. All they can do is pitch their price/budget and get who is qualified and will take the job. The problem is Jamaica nuh waan pay, dem prefer over work the few doctors. When those doctors burn out what next. Staff up and treat people right.

    3. @OliDen Yes the problem is Jamaica… the biggest being attitude towards things and a unwillingness to change

  2. Mother please , please get a lawyer, example needs to be made of the medical personnel. They are always killing off people without any consequences. Any civilised country would behave differently. Heads should roll.

    1. True ..same way they neglected my brother for 14 hrs he bleed to death. Feel your pain ..RIP beautiful

    2. same way they neglet my son for 7 days in the Falmouth hospital its no joke these nurses are heartless.

  3. Your tears and her blood is on their shoulder . These hospitals consist of a bunch of heartless evil and wicked people calling themselves nurses and doctors i had really bad experience with them at the Falmouth hospital, may her soul rest in peace and those nurses soul be tormented for life where they will burn in hell fire on judgment day

  4. Not only that hospital every single one in ja should do better, one incident where my brother almost died at sav la mar hospital too, I have to get so violent to get help


    2. @john brown yep I was by in the same position as her 19 years ago same hospital with a young baby, so I understood what she was going through.

    1. absolutely I cry out to Father God in Heaven for full justice upon each and everyone responsible in this wicked act

  5. Most of these people who are in the health care profession in Jamaica have no heart and we need people with “heart” to be in that profession. What is wrong with these people? Why are they so heartless? Fire them! They need to stop that behaviour and learn how to serve patients. The government needs to do something. Stop lining their pockets with taxpayers’ money and look about the Jamaican people. Both parties are useless in Jamaica.

  6. DIS FRIGGING GUSTING!! Jamaica harbour too much slackness… a beautiful innocent life lost just suh?? Really?? Shame on all involved!!

    1. She would be wasting her time, government in Jamaica don’t have law for that, my baby was murder in mandeville Hospital and nothing came out of it not even a sincere apology i don’t get, and they keep my baby for autopsy and it never done, dem dash down me baby in a dem no good fridge to rotting….

    2. @Apple bug Lord have mercy!!!! Mother I feel you pain. This thing is nothing short of foolishness and oppression!!!!! Imagine, we can’t get justice in our own country. If it was a foreign country we would receive better treatment, and that’s the sad reality. When dem done dem a talk bout buy Jamaica build Jamaica and all dem Eva do a underpay and kill we off. Kmt

  7. Most institutions in jamaica look down on poor people, when it comes to status they prioritize. Thats a shame. Sorry about your dtr. my lady. RIP.

  8. Lawyer up!!! No matter the cost! If it tek 10 years fi settle…lawyer up! People, video everything when u go to the hospitals so u can litigate against them.

    1. Exactly!!! It’s the same thing I was saying. She should’ve videoed it, but with the grief and fright that she was in, the poor mother didn’t have time for that, all she wanted was medical assistance. Smh. Bwoy….. All I know is that, it naa go suh. Even if nutn no come out of it, dem haffi go answer to God.

  9. This is unacceptable, the entire team working on that shift need to be investigated, fired and charged for gross negligence! This ordeal gives me a headache! Some of the medical personals behave like animals! We are waiting to see what is going to happen! Can’t be business as usual!

    1. They should be known by the world as the scourge they are. Expose everything possible about them on Social Media sites

  10. That child should NOT HAVE DIED! The doctor is to be held accountable: Wheezing was audibled. Sitting up in the Wheelchair was the best thing for the patient because it allows the Diaphragm to accommodate more Oxygen in the Lungs; she did not need a bed. It is fundamental knowledge that shortness of breath and bleeding IS AN EMMERGENCY! THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE BECAUSE IT BECOMES A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH! The doctor is incompetent: she should have immediately connected the patient to an aerosol breathing apparatus with the medication to facilitate opening the airways. THE PATIENT’S CHANCE OF SURVIVING WOULD HAVE INCREASED.

    1. That nurse who stated she is not working need to get her license revoke. As essential workers you are always on duty. What wrong with these people.

  11. This woman is STRONG. She talk firm, gave details N obviously due to negligence the Girl Passed. They are evil! They need to PAY!

  12. When u enter a hospital with breathing problems, chest pains, stabbing and gunshot wounds that’s an emergency!!!! There should be a liability law on the books, it will be a deterrent, if they could be sued and or fired they would do there jobs. The mother could have done the paperwork while they treat her. This is disheartening!!!

  13. This mother is a darn strong women..I can’t understand these people put on their clothes everyday saying they are going to work..to do what and been so neglectful is damn shame..and this dont only happen in public sectors but private as well..all them want is money..is a wicked act…

  14. Seems like they are only giving attention to Covid every case they act like is a Covid positive case.

  15. They cannot bring her back,but they need to pay the consequences for this little girl’s death. A good Attorney is needed for this case,ur life are not valuable at all in Jamaica,my heart is broken. This need to stop

  16. Those people are to be sued, that’s outrageous, imagine asthma isn’t to joke with, that woman plead with them and they didn’t do anything shameful, so many people are dying, at Those hospitals, just like the pregnant woman and others asthma is not to joke with.

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