Jamaican Nurses Overwhelmed as Covid Cases Climb | TVJ News - August 5 2021 1

Jamaican Nurses Overwhelmed as Covid Cases Climb | TVJ News – August 5 2021


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  1. Everyone, I’m urging you to obey all health protocols and never go out unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Do your best to stay out of the crowd and submit to God’s authority because only He knows what’s best for us.

    1. Eh bumbohole yuh see when u see mi comment dnt bloodclaaa run in… u can go dive thru PATSY MUMA an PATSY IN TURN FI DIVE THRU UR MUMA….

    2. Raimundo Laurencia Here’s a fact: these same experts said that mask don’t work, because, you’d keep touching the mask; and cover it with dactirea. But then they retracted it and said that masks do work.

      Here’s another fact: some states in America like Texas and Florida had reopened with no new covid cases. While other states had lockdown and still have the mask mandate, have seen more covid cases.

      And here one more fact: Taiwan acted quickly when covid first came on the scene, and because of there quick action, they had only 300 cases, but only 2 death.

      I just gave you those 3 examples because maybe our government needs to try something different. Maybe they should look to some of these countries and American states, and put in place some of these ideas.

      But I guess their still going to do the same thing.

    3. @Marv antony stop tell bloodclot lie. I live in Texas. The cases here are predominately in 7 states, Florida and Texas leads because they have shunned the CDC guidelines.

  2. And how I not hearing about any of the covid 19 protest that is going on around the world even has I type this comment.. Jamaican people’s it’s out time to start

  3. Mr christopher tufton..we the jamaicans citizens,will love you to give us an update on the reopening of schools for september…..morning…please i am asking you and the prime minister,to address the nation on the chances of school …not to open,,,,,or you gonna free up the schools to open,to let the poorer children suffer the delta resurge of covid19…..we the citizens are watching you and this situation closely……the number is rising rapidly…poor people love their children, more than themselves….and as you know already ,we dont have any funds our resovoir…is very very low.. . Please remember to give us an quick updates for all the schools islandwide….its very essential to we as parents……and we are watching you mr tufton…and the prime minister…..very vividly……please announce…whats happening ….for the rest of the year for schools..and also the country……..

  4. This is crazy, what about all those hospitals and bed that was announced from previous covid cases ,did they discard everything once it was going down..Jamaican people who r put in charge of important stuff tend to just talk and no action … health minister this should av been something u guys already sorted out seeing the prime minister must av consulted with u prior to opening the country..ALL THIS WAS FORSEEN.

  5. Firstly, May Pen hospital is rubbish.
    To the matter at hand, She does a lot of complaining without any suggestions. Couldn’t the reporter ask what she want? If nurses don’t want to do 2 or 3 shifts then don’t – isn’t there some laws preventing for this… That way, it won’t be a nurse problem and a ministry problem.

    1. As nurses, we are trying to save as many lives as possible even though we are tired. Some Jamaicans continue to be disrespectful and make derogatory statements instead of being thankful for the nurses who didn’t leave the country. Nurses took an oath to care for the sick and that is what we are trying to do under much difficulty.

    2. I guess they can just go home and sit while people suffer and curse ministry. Listen to yourself As far as I can see the level of carelessness and apathy in Jamaica is just recipe for disaster. Individuals not government. Self management

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