Jamaican Nurses Uneasy about Death of Colleague | TVJ News - August 11 2021 1

Jamaican Nurses Uneasy about Death of Colleague | TVJ News – August 11 2021

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    1. If she is on the covid ward then i would assume more than likely she would be one that has accepted the vaccine

    2. @eve williams exactly so but the truth is the vaccine isn’t safe and they are hiding it, why are taking something that don’t even protect you from the virus, pure nonsense, it all plan up, all who speak out die, Jesus is the answer for all this.

    1. Sorry for the last but what they are explaining is what many Jamaican poor people have to suffer through even long long long before covid…

  1. What! If a Healthcare worker cannot get treatment then how will they treat ordinary citizens ? crazy!

  2. Tv.J we know you have been reading the comments and the answer which we need confirmation for is WAS THIS NURSE VACCINATED? Stop dragging our question ,you are suppose to be reporting the news in all truth, that what you are to investigate….

    1. Same thing I saying. Why would the nurses be so uneasy. Come out plain and say what’s happening.

    2. @In the end the truth will conquer i believe she was vaccinated thats why they havent mention it and they know if they say she was it would cause more people not to want to take it but we demand the truth we are tired of the lies..TvJ dont seems to be interesting in telling .Did you hear them at the beginning talking about if she was vaccinated is not known, they are lieing because a big story such as this its a must that the question would have been ask..And as you said the nurses wouldnt be so uneasy….but in the name of Jesus the truth shall be reveal..,we must not stop asking the question ………they are a bunch of deceiver…

    3. @Littishara McLeish Anderson the news stations work with the govj to brainwash and feed us lies. This is all over. America wussa biggest liars in the universe. We are not much different.

    1. @lee allen she was vaccinated if she was not they would have said it. All the liad one bout she a call pon security fi gweh. She know the vaccine dont work.

  3. Never thought I would grow up to see the mainstream media suppressing important information in a time of crisis and uncertainty. We now live in a world where it’s like we have to take what the news tells us with a grain of salt

    1. A peer fake news and cover up all over the world. All dem waan wi fi duh a line up an tek di juk widdout question an tek dem liyad story. J&J kill ppl an di PM aguh tell wi sey nuh listen to conspiracy theories. Check all reports bout it overseas fram bote dacta an scientist. Mi fed up a dem an dem wickidnis.

  4. This is nonsense because there is a chopper at up park camp how the f**k the nurse a dead and them not even call for a helicopter to take her to UWI hospital kmt this madness..

  5. Those short up uniforms the nurses are wearing to deal with covid patients .they need to wear long pants and long sleeves with their gears. So the virus dont catch on their skin .

  6. This is exactly what Andrew is warning us about. The hospitals are full so if new persons contract the virus it’s going to be really difficult to get them on ventilators. Try stay safe by all means.

  7. I cant forget when i was pregnant at 5months n feeling pain n get admitted on observation ward lord the nurses treat me so bad n i never had covid i cry eye water cuz i cant believe i was really a human like them

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