Jamaican Police No longer Require Warning for Covid Breaches | TVJ News - April 28 2021 1

Jamaican Police No longer Require Warning for Covid Breaches | TVJ News – April 28 2021


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  1. you don’t need a warning when the law says stay home and no gathering and no big party its up to police discretion to give u a brake who do they think they are

  2. keep giving them power that’s why theirs so many corrupt cop not about anything illegally police will simply use this as a excuse to take set on people

    1. @Kenlar Thompson If a suh it did guh d country wuldnt stay suh cas gun bwoy wuldan affi a run up n dwn… a higglers mi c a run up n dwn

    2. @crissy D the higglers you see running up and down are not running from crime fighters..but from market police that there to make sure those higglers stop block up the street and block up the business people them place of business… still boil down to criminal activities

  3. There should not be a warning from the police from the beginning because the warning is all in the news in every media about covid.

  4. God shall pour out his judgment on the army of Pharaoh for their evil wicked that they r pushing. Judgment! Judgmen! Judgment! Since u instigating fear shall come upon the land suddenly and give the land real disasters and destruction. Judgment Judgment Judgment! Many shall go to bed and never awake out of their sleep that they may know that there is a God.

    1. They are abusing them power because y!! The constitutional laws state no laws must not be past r become mandates until a debate Is happen so hi don’t understand how Andrew holiness just get up overnight and past laws

    2. @Roger Crooks bredda, if you read inna di comments, nuff a dem sheep yah is alright with Anju a control dem entire life, dem love the dictatorship.

  5. Yes sah this is the beginning of man sorrows. U were warned. God help us from the hands of the oppressors.

    1. @tykoon milli these people are gonna die soon because they don’t wanna hear us but they rather listen to the murderers.

  6. It’s funny how the people who passing the laws and chanting, Stay home, Stay home, have a steady income and a job, but the small vendor, farmer and other entrepreneurs big/small whose income is dependent on opening shop are told to close up shop. How are they to provide for their needs and family members? These matters need to be addressed. Lord hear our cry and heal our land. And I must add interesting that the place where the vaccines are coming from (India) have a serious Covid-19 cases. What happened they don’t trust the very vaccine made in their own country? Something funny.

  7. But yet George Wright still have a job and ruel reid still free??? Gunshot a kill man like fly but yet a this unuh focus on..and yet no help for the poor…Condrew Knowlesa..a civil war a guh gwuan

  8. Give the people stimulus check food and water, and if you catch them out a door now you lock dem up, how de hell hungry people fe lock up in a house, what dem a go do in deh?

  9. What’s the issue? Law and order we seh, if you don’t want to be arrested then don’t breach di rules.

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      I don’t believe that Bitcoin itself is perfect. The biggest problem I have with it right now is the volatility. To me that is a much bigger issue than the block size

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