Jamaican Police Remain Resolute Against Illegal Parties | TVJ News - April 27 2021 1

Jamaican Police Remain Resolute Against Illegal Parties | TVJ News – April 27 2021


The police in the Corporate Area say they will not let up on pulling the plug on illegal parties being held during curfews this as the Government contemplates the way forward after the expiration of the current disaster risk management measures.

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  1. Bet you not a single police is fraid, when they break up the parties.
    And why not?
    And why aren’t any of the attendees afraid?
    Any idea?

  2. You say it partly right, what about firearms control? But you get it right, “dem run left dem vehicle? Wait,dem must return for it! Charge. And garage the ones they don’t come for!

  3. My god my god these ppl don’t listen one bit, so the best things is to prosecute who don’t care r listen

  4. What is wrong with these ppl? Home must be very uncomfortable, there seem to be such a need to get out….. smh

    1. Nothing’s wrong with them. They’re all, every single one, in great health.
      If they knew of ANYONE suffering from it, they wouldn’t.
      But they, like you, are not afraid of this thing. Why is that? Tell the truth.

    2. @Almighty Xavier I’ve spent half a year in america’s most affected state I have a lot of family and friends there we don’t wear masks and we’re always on the road we know of no one with this illness. It’s hard for me to believe that this is actually what’s killing people I strongly believe there’s something else. I’ve been tested more than 9 times and they were all negative. me nor anyone I know has ever cought this thing I’ll be getting tested again soon because I’ll be leaving with the family for summer vacation. Let’s just see what happens

    3. What’s wrong with this comment here: “home must be very uncomfortable, there seems to be a need to get out.” Is it me, are is there something wrong with this comment?

    4. Every single one is uncomfortable staying at home now, people need to be exposed to fresh air very oftenly,we are not accustomed to be caged in like animals,if you aren’t bored then there’s others who are, it’s really hard to adapt a lifestyle that we weren’t able to try and get comfortable with.look around you, do you see any signs of a pandemic?I don’t even know a single soul who as this virus,yet I travel every single day without mask, when there’s a flew going around and you come in contact with anyone with it you catch it, yes i can point on many who caught flew, but yet I’m unable to point on a single soul who as covid-19.

  5. Remmber at the end of the end of the day is we the citizen them still tax to pay themselves and the police

  6. Lol it’s not funny but I had to laugh when the man yelled run! People please comply because if you don’t this will only continues for a very long while.

  7. Stop run from dem we should not be paying dem to party from first place extortion dem a run man affi pay to party

  8. Party still ago keep cause all police a keep party so patrons are gonna follow the trend.double standards is evident

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