Jamaican Prisoners Appear to be Living the 'Good' Life - December 1 2020 1

Jamaican Prisoners Appear to be Living the ‘Good’ Life – December 1 2020


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  1. Prisoners Should be wearing bright Orange jumpsuit And not street clothing and be in their cells 20 hours a day

    1. Government can’t afford the it wld become fashion plus the Warden need the cash..see the camouflage military prints is big time street clothes.

  2. YES..No more Disrecptful DANCEHALL easy BIG money hustling….You never know the value of the water till the WELL DRY.

    1. @paul Gordon slave labour is forced work without pay. Are you suggesting we use prisoners to plant food for free ? They have human rights at the end of the day

  3. These guys kill your love one on you see them in prison living the good lives instead of get punishment this can’t make any family feel good.

  4. Tell Holiness fi move and gweh!!! The problem isn’t the inmates… It’s the law enforcement department that runs the prisons. They’re the ones condoning and facilitating the wrong doings of the prisoners. So Mr Holness need to hold the officers accountable.

  5. The one’s who work there are the one’s who got paid to bring in alcohol, cash and clothing in…May God help Jamaica.

  6. Jamaica needs to get rid of the queen, she doesn’t serve any purpose instead of trying to build up Jamaica in our time of need when covid so prevalent they deporting people who doesn’t even have families in Jamaica and possibly has covid because Britain has way more cases than Jamaica, they obviously want our cases to spike.We already don’t have any job or job opportunity’s and they are going to send deportees to make the country worse than it already is cause when they can’t get food or jobs what do you think they are going to do?

  7. The questing is where are the prisoners getting these items. It has to be the officers. Priminister needs to sweep house from warden to correctional officers, cooks, everyone who have access to the facility. They are being paid to bring contraband into the facility.
    The ones who are being the contrabands into the prison needs to be fired and all pdnsion taken away. Plus, they need to serve time.
    Are the officers not aware the prisoners are remanded to the comminissor of prison.

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