Jamaican Roads Now ‘Killing Field, | Scandalous – No Chemical to Test for Chlorine – July 22 2022

Jamaican Roads Now 'Killing Field, | Scandalous - No Chemical to Test for Chlorine - July 22 2022 1


  1. Of course you people protect criminals maybe some u Jamaican for protection of criminal are the main reason why the young don’t care what they do

  2. They are doing that every day. Protecting criminals who do they are defending? Victims or the criminals? All they want is the criminals support . They are a privilege flies making money from criminals.

  3. Get that water purification, at a matter a fact the water supply just too poor, I have noticed the flag in the office that not a Jamaican flag the color of the Jamaican flag is Black Gold and Green.

  4. Tell people not to get themself into problem with the law and it will be smooth sailing paperwork at the bank they steal the money people work at the tax office then steal the money and the list goes on scamming all type of crime

  5. But sir the people who are committing this type of behavior on the road when the police stopped them if their mother are father a lawyer then they said to the police do you know who my mother is like that have anything to do with the cops are my father is the MP so because him or her father is a MP then behave on the road like that

  6. The problem with moto vehicles accident on the Road one indisopline these drivers don’t know the road code , some didn’t go to a driving school, don’t took defensive driving lesson ,many of these driver didn’t passed the road test ,they buy their license Government and moto vehicles department should make sure passed a multiple choices test for a lorner permit,The driving school will make the appointment for you ,All payments must made through a MV App before examiner road test if pass the test you will be notified the driver license will mail to you or pick up in person.

    1. Make driver’s education mandatory in schools from the kindergarten level , how to use the cross walks and basic road code..this is way too bad.

    2. @Asher Ben David I think the Kindergarten a little too much of a early start but I quite agree with you, if they’re traveling in a vehicle they will know or pick up on a responsible driver and some one who are not going by the basic RoadCode. I am a professional driver I drive motorway up to 100 MPH you can get literally lite headed even 60mph so you have slow down fallow the speed limit sign If the steering wheel get ligh in your hand slow down otherwise you will lose control of the vehicle.

  7. It’s a shame that Jamaica has to be importing goat 🐐 meat from foreign countries, when goat 🐐 must be grown grass fed food
    They need to get rid of all the thief them so that Jamaican goat farmers can make a good living from raising their animals.
    It’s a shame we have to be importing every thing.

  8. One of the biggest issues with many Jamaican drivers isn’t just the fact that they speed, but they do absolutely stupid, pointless things which obstruct or endanger other drivers. This could be due to the fact that so many people are just buying their licenses. I’ll give you some examples:

    1. Running the red light, sometimes even 5-10 seconds after the light is red
    2. Pulling out slowly in front of faster cars, either from a stationary position, or from a slower lane
    3. Refusing to use their indicators, or using the indicators properly
    4. Suddenly braking in a normal line of traffic
    5. Overtaking recklessly especially on more narrow roads, especially during bad weather or anything that affects visibility
    6. Taking unnecessary risks with speeding and overtaking when it won’t get them any real advantage. E.g. overtaking one car just before a stop light, intersection or something else where they’ll need to stop

    These are things that I see almost every single week without fail. Another big issue which leads to near misses and some accidents for sure, is the quality of the roads. People can’t stay in their lanes because the roads are just an absolute disgrace especially on some of the main thoroughfares. If people have to be swinging out of their lanes to avoid severely damaging their vehicle, this in turn affects many other drivers.

  9. Mr. Chuck, the real problem is, there are now too many cars on the roads. Jamaica’s roads were never designed for the avalanche of motor vehicles that must now be managed. But, You, Mr. Minister, and the society in general, will not acknowledge this reality; keep your head in the sand, like ostriches.

  10. AI for the goats, and for the people to consume.
    I wonder if that only raised a red flag in my mind.
    At the pace of how Jamaica is going, is it still considered a third world country.?
    Thinking aloud in the comment section.

  11. I agreed with what the justice minister said, these agencies do not cared about the victims who criminals demoralised and destroyed in Jamaica but they are the biggest supporters of thugs and law breakers I support mr. Delroy Chuck 1000% too much slackness happening in these agencies in giving criminals the support when they committed wrongdoing

  12. The government needs to put up cameras at stop lights stop sign and on the road to catch who speeding get fine and ticket send to them. If I don’t pay your ticket that car can’t be license or get fitness. These are the things the government should be looking at instead of talking his mouth full of crop

    1. yes suspen their licenses n lock their car tier they come out n the vehicle can’t move they call it booth in America. Traffic police do that

  13. What going to happen to the local farmers in our country 🤔 everything is tricks and corruption in everything in Jamaica, the little man aways get the worse of the deals

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